Authoritarian Apple blocking all films that are critical of technology, just like Amazon bans all films critical of vaccines
03/05/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Authoritarian Apple blocking all films that are critical of technology, just like Amazon bans all films critical of vaccines

Hollywood is on the verge of getting another original content producer, as tech giant Apple prepares to launch its own Netflix-like media streaming service. But reports indicate that, under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple is planning to censor all content that’s critical of technology in much the same way that Amazon is now banning films and even books that are critical of vaccines.

Cook is reportedly highly involved in the process of choosing what streaming media content will be available through Apple, instructing those below him to shy away from all stories that depict “the negative consequences of technology.” He’s also made it clear that he wants to avoid “controversial” topics like religion, and stick primarily with “family-friendly” content of which he personally approves.

But all of this “nitpicking over content,” as his accusers have dubbed it, is causing major problems for those in Los Angeles who are having a hard time figuring out what Cook actually wants. According to reports, “video executives” from Hollywood are having to “make frequent trips to the company’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters to approve tech changes,” which they say is “taking them away from their work in L.A.”

“Tim Cook is giving notes and getting involved,” one Hollywood producer told the New York Post. “I think people are a little bit irritated because they keep moving the service launch.”

“They are making big changes, firing and hiring new writers,” he added. “There’s a lack of clarity on what they want … A lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it would be.”


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After previously achieving the title of “most innovative company” in the world, Apple is now in 17th place

Early on, Hollywood was excited to work with Apple on this ambitious endeavor, especially since the company has long been a leading tech innovator. But after the project was launched, things quickly went south – especially after Cook got involved.

“Shortly after Apple announced its Hollywood ambitions in 2017, Tinseltown’s wheeler-dealers were lining up to work with the iPhone maker,” the New York Post reported.

“But as the company’s streaming project gets ready for launch, agents and producers can’t stop griping about how ‘difficult’ Apple is to deal with – citing a ‘lack of transparency,’ ‘lack of clarity’ and ‘intrusive’ executives, including CEO Cook.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Apple’s media launch will be a success, but one thing is for sure: Apple is no longer the tech leader that it once was. In fact, many people now see Apple as quickly falling in the ranks, transforming from a tech innovator to a tech follower.

“In February, it was reported that Apple had dropped from first place on Fast Company‘s list of ‘most innovative companies’ all the way down to 17th place,” Breitbart News reports.

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple, under the leadership of now-deceased founder Steve Jobs, actively fought against the type of Big Brother censorship that it’s now embracing. This, of course, is one of the reasons why Apple is merely a fading shadow of what it once was.

In case you missed it, Apple actually targeted Natural News with its censorship agenda, calling for a permanent moratorium on the publishing of all articles about abortion, Satanism, and other “controversial” topics.

“This is the first time that a dominant tech company has overtly come out in defense of Satanism while threatening to censor a prominent publisher that exposes the evils of Satanic influence,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warns.

“Many people will see this as yet more proof that Apple, along with other tech giants, is literally aligned with Satan and is exploiting its power of censorship to silence those who criticize Satanism.”

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