Liberals live in a delusional fantasy world of their own making – hilarious animation
07/21/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Liberals live in a delusional fantasy world of their own making – hilarious animation

It’s safe to say that most liberals these days have convinced themselves that their own personal viewpoints represent the epitome of enlightened truth, and that anyone who disagrees with them on anything is ignorant or even “hateful.” But what these leftist lunatics fail to recognize is that they live in a delusional fantasy world of their own making – and one that, if carefully observed, exposes them as the ones who are actually ignorant, narrow-minded, and seething with hatred.

A new cartoon posted to illustrates this point using humor, showing how most liberals live inside an insulated bubble of self-validating propaganda. Liberals decide for themselves what’s true about the world based on their own opinions, and anything they don’t like or agree with is automatically false – always!

The ubiquitous term “hate speech,” as one prominent example, is a verbal weapon that liberals love to throw around as a descriptor for concepts that upset them. Calls by conservatives for better enforcement of immigration laws is also upsetting to liberals, which is why they’ll throw around other combative words like “racism” and “xenophobia” to describe people who embrace such ideas.

Fact by consensus is another popular liberal idea, meaning that if enough people believe something is true, then it must be true. This consensus ideology is routinely applied to climate change, which liberals say has to be true because most mainstream media sources talk about it as undeniable fact. There’s no room for independent analysis or questioning of climate change dogma, in other words, otherwise you’re a “climate denier.”


The term “climate denier” has no meaning, of course, because nobody is claiming that there isn’t a climate. But liberals love to paint everyone who disagrees with official climate change dogma as lunatics who refuse to acknowledge or accept even basic facts about reality. There’s nothing factual about claiming that cow farts are causing the planet to warm, for example, but this is what many liberals believe – and if you don’t believe it also, then you’re automatically insane.

Watch it here:

Modern liberalism means embracing hate, intolerance, and insanity

Liberals take a similar approach to social issues like free markets, gun control, abortion, and gay rights, adopting a “my way or the highway” attitude whenever these ideas are challenged. Socialism, liberals love to claim, is a perfect model for wealth and prosperity, even though we’re seeing the exact opposite in places like Venezuela.

And guns, even though they’re inanimate objects made from steel and plastic, are somehow able to go around killing people, according to liberals. It’s never the users of firearms who are held responsible by liberals for committing crimes, but rather the firearms themselves that are declared by liberals to be the criminals.

And who could forget abortion, the holy grail of liberal “freedom of choice.” Murdering unborn human life is no big deal to liberals who’ve rebranded the action as supporting “women’s rights.” And if you’re the type of person who points out the fact that a fetus is a living, breathing human life, you’re a “sexist” who “hates women.”

The CounterThink cartoon uses humor and satire to point out the major inconsistencies with liberal thought about these and many other issues. Liberals simply can’t tolerate any viewpoints or facts other than theirs, which is why they’re quickly losing relevance in the modern context of sane civilization.

But the sad thing is that liberals erroneously believe that they’re somehow winning, or are on the “right side” of history. Little do they realize that they’re on the wrong side of basic logic and common sense, let alone social issues and politics – and, thankfully, most people in our country still seem to recognize this.

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