Physicists: “Overwhelming evidence” all three buildings during 9/11 attack were controlled demolitions

Monday, September 12, 2016 by

When it comes to the infamous terror attacks on September 11th, 2001, there’s little debate that the federal government is hiding at least certain aspects of the truth from the American people. What it is, exactly, that they’re hiding is where many people seem to be lost, as there are so many red flags to sift through.

Recently, though, physicists reporting for Europhysics News determined that the only logical way that the three towers could have fallen in the manner that they did during the attacks was if they were controlled demolitions. While this has been a theory among many science-oriented people for years now, adding the scientific opinions of members of the European physics community only strengthens that argument.

As we all learned during school, backing up your beliefs with scholarly sources is the most effective way to prove your point.

At this stage of the investigation, so many have come out and addressed their beliefs that the federal government was involved in the terrorist attacks that it’s almost more controversial to believe that they weren’t involved. All of the details surrounding the infamous day are so damning that even the most liberal folks out there seem to acknowledge that something fishy was and is going on when it comes to September 11th.

There isn’t much that is preventing another September 11th-like event from occurring. Our federal government is so untrustworthy — and they frequently prove this by betraying the American people — that there’s no reason that should keep us from questioning their intentions in the future. Unfortunately, there’s also virtually nothing that is preventing them from orchestrating another devastating terrorist attack that will leave thousands more Americans dead.

In regards to our authoritarian government, we’re in a terrifying predicament. It’s all but proven that they’re willing to sacrifice our lives in order to expand their power and continue holding their reputation as a world power. They did this on 9/11 and they’ll certainly do it again if they feel that it is necessary. What comes next could be as devastating as a complete societal collapse that will send the country into chaos and leave those who are unprepared lying in a pool of their own blood.

So how do we, as freedom-loving Americans, combat this? Start by questioning everything and keeping an open mind. When it comes to the future — and the uncertainty of it all — you’ll be glad that you did.




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