Mainstream media so blindly stupid that they believe Hillary Clinton beat 6-to-1 odds to win all SIX coin tosses in Iowa
04/15/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Mainstream media so blindly stupid that they believe Hillary Clinton beat 6-to-1 odds to win all SIX coin tosses in Iowa

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You may not be old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton was first lady and her husband, the philander-in-chief, was president. Between the two of them the country and our political process had to suffer through one scandal after another, and in that way, you could say that the Clinton presidency was much like the Obama administration, where once again, a Clinton has been at the center of several controversies.

Hillary’s luck

You may also not have known that Hillary is perhaps the luckiest person in the world.

Before she and husband Bill took office for a “co-presidency” in January 1993, in the late 1970s to be exact, Hillary – a lawyer by trade – managed to parlay $1,000 into $100,000 in the risky cattle futures market, simply by asking a few people for advance and, you know, reading The Wall Street Journal. Mind you, Hillary’s husband was Arkansas attorney general at the time and was a rising star in state (and Democratic) politics. Also, she had never traded cattle futures before and has not done so since.

Fast forward to now. Hillary Clinton’s lucky streak continues and, as before, it remains unquestioned by the Old Media and the Left-wing new media.

Just think of the odds – the race between Hillary and her primary challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders was so tight in six counties during the recent Iowa caucuses that a coin toss was needed to decide all six.


And guess who won every single coin toss? Yes, that’s right – our one-time lucrative cattle-trader.

As reported by MarketWatch:

The situation came about in precincts where Sanders and Clinton were running neck-and-neck, but there were an odd number of delegates, so they couldn’t be evenly split between the two. That was the case in precincts in Ames, Newton, West Branch, Davenport and two in Des Moines…

What are the odds?

What are the odds? Well, suffice to say they’re pretty low that one candidate would have won all six. And it should be noted that Sanders was not supposed to do as well as he did in Iowa, based on the polling data prior to the caucuses.

If this had happened on the Republican side, if two GOP candidates were so close that several of the precincts had to be decided by coin tosses and one candidate won all of them, that would have been a non-stop story for days, weeks even, or at least until the New Hampshire primaries (and even then it would have been a “subplot” right up to the primaries).

What has traditionally been labeled the “mainstream” media is anything but “mainstream” these days. There is so much diversity of media that if anything, old-timers like the Washington Post, The New York Times, the L.A. Times and so forth – all of which have a fraction of the readership (and political sway) they held before the Internet exploded – are just that, Old Media hold-overs that will continue to exist but on a plane that is far less influential.

And that is because of episodes like the highly suspicious unanimous coin tosses in the Democratic Iowa caucus, given how “all-in-all” most Old Media has been for Hillary since 2008, before a little-known U.S. senator from Illinois managed to out-campaign her. As much as the Old Media loves to love Sanders’ Left-wing socialism, they don’t believe for a second that he’d make a good or effective president. And besides, as long as Hillary Clinton has been around, many of them figure it’s time for her coronation.

And yet, that’s not going so well, as Sanders continued to out-poll her in places where he’s not supposed to do that.

Hillary Clinton may breeze to the nomination when all is said and done. And you can bet that the Old Guard media will remain the old “Pretorian Guard” media and continue to protect her every step of the way.

Just like they have protected the guy who beat her eight years ago.

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