Stunning video shows how little gun laws and background checks matter to criminals
03/18/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Stunning video shows how little gun laws and background checks matter to criminals

The political Left and other authoritarians in government want you to believe that if we had just “expanded background checks” for gun purchases, closed the “gun show loophole” and required checks for “private sales of guns,” crimes involving firearms would fall dramatically, lives would be saved, and, importantly, criminals finally thwarted.

The problem with these suppositions is the same as it has always been, in that only law-abiding people obey laws, and that is true, certainly, of gun laws as well. As reported by Houston-based KEYE-TV, a recent robbery of a gun store puts an exclamation point on the fact that the lawless will be lawless no matter what gun laws are passed.

In recent days 10 suspects were caught on video “allegedly” chaining a pickup truck to the gated, locked front doors of a gun store, pulling the doors off their hinges and making off with about 50 guns before fleeing the scene.

Audacious? Yes. And oh-so-against federal, state and local gun laws.

The incident took place at Carter’s Country Guns & Ammo around 4:30 a.m., the local TV station reported, adding that “the entire incident was captured on surveillance video.”

Police say that once inside, the band of thieves broke glass cases where handguns were displayed, taking several of them. Also, a number of rifles were stolen as well.

As you can see on the video, the bed of the pickup comes into view and stops in front of a concrete barrier. The group then converges behind the pickup, with some members appearing to keep watch while others worked on the shop’s front glass-and-metal doors.

One thief breaks the glass in both front doors, then weaves a chain through them, tying it off to the truck’s trailer hitch on one end and around the door frame at the other. Once the chain is in place, the driver of the pickup guns the motor, but doesn’t quite pull the doors off the first time. The truck backs up to the barrier again, and the driver guns it once more; the doors easily fall away from their hinges. The group of thieves then rush into the store as the video ends.

As Breitbart News reported further:

Once the doors were gone, video from inside the store shows the suspects scampering about, using hammers to shatter display cases, then grabbing handfuls of weapons and running for the truck. 

Police believe the ten suspects drove one block, then dumped the pickup and climbed inside a Chevrolet Traverse SUV.

Now, it’s not clear what law gun control advocates believe would have stopped this kind of robbery, short of one requiring a platoon of police officers to be permanently stationed on the ground on the corner of every city block – which is not going to happen.

But what is clear is that even requiring the National Security Agency to conduct firearm background checks instead of the FBI would not have stopped this gun crime. Not all is lost, though; the guns were registered with the gun store – a federal requirement – so police will be able to track any of the stolen guns they recover at various crime scenes to that particular robbery. And that may lead them to other guns and other suspects.

That may not be much consolation to some people, but that’s as good as its going to get because when it comes to firearms in America, there are three realities: 1) They are not going away as long as the Second Amendment remains part of the Constitution; 2) only law-abiding people follow gun laws; and 3) no matter how “comprehensive” or all-inclusive gun control laws are, we simply cannot ever, ever, ever stop all gun crime.

Even with “universal background checks.”

Update: KPRC-TV Houston reports that three suspects have been arrested in the robbery and some of the guns recovered.


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