Step “around” smoking – a secret way to quit is just by reading this
03/16/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Step “around” smoking – a secret way to quit is just by reading this

So you go right now and go to a health food store and purchase one edible organic item that costs less than a pack of cigarettes. Do not bring any cigarettes with you on this venture, by the way. This begins the activities that you absolutely would not have done had you never began the process of quitting smoking for life. Now you eat the item in your car before leaving the parking lot of the store. This begins the change of how you feel, as you would not have done as a smoker planning to continue smoking. This affects the dynamics and mathematics of your life. You are changing time, space, energy and focus. Now, once done eating the organic item that cost you less than a pack of cigarettes, make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. If not, go back in the store and get these items.

Now, you drive to an open area you have not been to before, or where you have not visited in some time, could be ten minutes from your home, 30 minutes or even 45, doesn’t matter how far, you drive there, with no entertainment, and you find somewhere nice to walk around or sit, and you gaze for awhile at nature. This is super important. It can be a local park, a walking trail, a hilltop near town, a big park, a lake, pond, a gorge, a canyon, some caverns, the river, the beach, the bay or a mountain top. Any of those examples should work just fine. Be sure to drive straight there from the store, do NOT go back home at this point for any reason. You are continually changing time, energy, and the space you’ve been occupying since the time you got hooked on smoking.

canyon 2

At the solemn, peaceful, open space, you write down ten “bucket list” type of activities that you would love to do if you had the time/money/ability to do. This could take you an hour or so to come up with ten important bucket list ideas (ten things you definitely WANT and MUST do while living on this planet).


Creating your personal LIVING bucket list

Keep this simple and absolutely wonderful. Everything you write here will be something amazing you can accomplish, without cigarettes. You will have the money, the energy, and the time. Just be patient. Your reward has already begun coming YOUR way! This bucket list will have ideas you NEVER wrote down or maybe ever thought up before.

For example, here’s a bucket list. Some of these activities we’ve done, and some we wish to do. For your list, list ten things you wish and plan to do, but nothing you’ve already done, unless it is your plan to do it again!


Top Ten Bucket List Ideas:


  1. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, put your feet in the Colorado River, and then hike back to the top – all in one day … done! – – July, 1992
  1. Visit Niagara Falls, the Canadian side, and stay in a hotel overlooking the falls. – – April, 2009
  1. Speak at a cancer prevention seminar to thousands of people and help them find health and longevity!
  1. Write a great book, hopefully a best-seller book, and retire on the royalties.
  1. Visit one of the Hawaiian Islands, hike the mountains, swim under waterfalls, and swim in the beautiful blue ocean with tortoises … done! – – July, 2015 (We went for a wedding).
  1. Run in a mini-marathon or 5k race.
  1. Parachute from an airplane.
  1. Ride in a helicopter … done! (While filming an independent film called “Man in St.” in 2004).
  1. Work out every day for six months straight.
  1. Visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

helicopter view

Now, when you get home from the venture with your bucket list, each activity you engage should be something that fosters your good health and your financial stability that helps you achieve the endeavors. That means using a natural method to quit smoking and buying actual natural, local and/or organic foods that foster your ideal health, energy, chemical balance, central nervous system stability, natural immunity and vitality. This is easy. It’s called raw, organic food and spring water. You can do this. You’re always just a step away from progress, and therefore rewarding yourself with something from your bucket list is on the way! Your “escape” to paradise begins now, just like we said … the light is shining on you now …

This is YOUR cigarette escape plan.

canyon 3

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