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Far from being an ally, Israel is actually America’s most dangerous ENEMY
By Mike Adams // Apr 02, 2024

The following summary of Brighteon Broadcast News was authored by "Neo," our in-house LLM, which is being released open source to the greater community this Friday at Brighteon.AI. Unlike Big Tech's propagandized LLMs, Neo is trained on reality-based content and is designed to counter the biases and deliberate lies pushed by tech giants like Google, Meta and OpenAI. See below for the full broadcast episode.

In an exclusive Brighteon Broadcast News episode, Mike Adams shares his thoughts and concerns about recent events unfolding around the world. The main focus of the upcoming discussion is Israel's bombing in Damascus, which targeted the residence of the Iranian Ambassador and resulted in several high-level Iranian individuals being killed. Although the ambassador survived the attack, this act by Israel has escalated tensions and potentially set the stage for World War Three.

Mike Adams challenges the common belief that Israel is America's greatest ally, arguing instead that they are our most dangerous enemy as they attempt to involve the United States in a global conflict. The recent actions taken by certain parties are part of an effort to achieve a specific goal. During his time hosting the Alex Jones Show, Adams will discuss the latest developments in various regions, including the Middle East, Ukraine, and Russia, as well as gold prices and other relevant topics.

Netanyahu is America's most dangerous, radical "friend"

In light of these events, Netanyahu's behavior is erratic and dangerous, as he seems willing to do anything to involve America in a war with Iran. This may be his only way of ensuring Israel's survival, although its chances look bleak due to Netanyahu's actions. Consequently, he appears to be taking an all or nothing approach, which could lead to disastrous consequences for both him and Israel.

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In addition to discussing the dangerous act committed by Israel and the reasons behind it, Adams also mentioned a recent interview with Adam Curry from the Podcast Index. The decentralized TV interview covers topics such as decentralization of speech and democratization of podcasting.

As gold prices reach an all-time high of $2,250 per ounce, signaling a weakening dollar, Adams warns that the world is moving away from the U.S. Dollar as a reserve currency. BRICS nations are developing a blockchain-based replacement settlement infrastructure, which could render the dollar obsolete in global trade by the end of 2025. The implications of such a shift are significant, with those holding dollars potentially experiencing substantial losses due to continuous currency printing.

In light of these potential consequences, Adams strongly advises diversifying investments into gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. He also urges red states to begin preparing for a possible future without the U.S. Dollar by developing their own local currency alternatives.

EV mandates are designed to enslave Americans

Adams urged red states to prepare for potential economic upheaval due to the collapse of the dollar. The collapse would lead to those with backup currencies prospering most, and high-level government officials in Texas and other red states should take this seriously by developing contingency plans for restarting their economies after such an event. On the other hand, blue states are unlikely to prepare alternative currencies due to their alliance with the federal government.

States like California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and others are planning to ban gas-powered car sales by 2032, meaning that in eight years, no new gasoline-powered cars will be available in these states. Instead, they plan to allow only the sale of zero-emission vehicles. However, this term is misleading as electric vehicles generate pollution throughout their production process and during charging, which contributes to emissions.

By 2035, several states, including Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Colorado, and New Mexico, will prohibit the sale of new gasoline vehicles. California is also part of this initiative, making it more than eight states involved. As a result, residents in these mentioned states won't be able to purchase traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

While electric vehicles will still be available for sale, concerns arise about the power grid's ability to handle increased demand for electricity. Without significant upgrades to the existing power infrastructure, the grid could become overwhelmed, leading to potential crashes and an inability to charge electric vehicles when needed. This may result in electricity rationing, which could be used as a means of control over citizens.

With limited charging capacity, EV owners would face restrictions on driving distances due to insufficient power supply for recharging their vehicles. Smart meters, designed to monitor and manage energy consumption, could play a role in this scenario by rationing electricity based on individual usage patterns. Additionally, online behavior may influence rationing levels; those who express opinions deemed unfavorable might face reduced access to power resources.

In essence, this situation resembles a "cbdc" (central bank digital currency) for kilowatt-hours, where control over energy consumption becomes a powerful tool for governing citizens' actions and beliefs. Kilowatt hours will become a form of currency, controlling individuals through their consumption. To achieve this, combustion engine vehicles must be phased out first, as part of an effort to control everyone's movements.

The concept of 15-minute cities is being introduced, restricting travel distances and forcing reliance on electric power stations and charging infrastructure tied to personal identities via credit cards. These systems will not accept cryptocurrencies or privacy coins, further centralizing control. If authorities want to limit driving distances, they can simply deny access to recharging facilities. This is a strategy for total control over citizens, leading to significant disruption in the marketplace.

Adams says combustion engine vehicles may soon become highly valued as strict regulations impose bans on their sale and use in certain states. This has led to concerns about the creation of a black market for these vehicles, with people buying them from neighboring states like Arizona or Nevada and transporting them to areas where they are banned. As a result, there could be a thriving underground market and a premium on combustion engine vehicles.

To avoid paying a premium for such vehicles and to escape strict regulations, it is advised to leave liberal-leaning states that impose restrictions on these engines and shut down businesses like restaurants.

California, known for its high taxes and oppressive government, has become an example of the consequences of such policies. The state has the highest taxes in the continental United States, leading to poor government services. Many people are leaving if they can afford to, while those who remain are often too impoverished to escape. Texas, on the other hand, embraces diesel trucks and combustion engines, as well as AR-15s. Those who appreciate affordable energy, food, ammunition, firearms, and magazines are encouraged to move to Texas.

The new Biden EPA rule aims to end combustion engine vehicle sales across America, which would destroy our logistics and transportation infrastructure, as well as the automobile industry. If EVs become the only new cars allowed for purchase, new car sales across the US will collapse. People will buy used vehicles from last year that still have combustion engines, keeping them running for a decade because they don't want to be forced into an Eevee and all the inconveniences that come with it.

There are also concerns about electric pollution, as sitting inside large motors with significant electromagnetic signatures can have health consequences. The health effects of driving EVs all day long remain poorly understood. People worry about the amount of electro-pollution generated by electric vehicles, which is orders of magnitude greater than that from mobile phones. In fact, it's even larger than a cell tower.

Sanctuary cities prioritize illegals aliens over veterans

In other news, fury has erupted in Boston as the city plans to fill a former veteran housing unit with migrants while asking residents to take people in. A facility known as the Chelsea soldiers home, previously used to house veterans, will now be transformed into a homeless shelter. In Massachusetts alone, there were 545 homeless veterans on one night in 2023, according to recent reports.

Instead of prioritizing support for those who have fought for their country, it seems that special protections are being given to illegal immigrants - individuals who never fought for America, did not pay taxes in the US, and were not born there. This is a concerning trend when those willing to fight and die for their nation are deemed disposable by Democrats.

Any veteran voting for this party is essentially betraying their country, as it is clear that Democrats do not prioritize veterans' welfare. This issue is not limited to Boston; other blue cities also exhibit a lack of concern for veterans. In Denver, a so-called sanctuary city, a video has emerged showing an official speaking in Spanish and urging illegal immigrants to leave the city by taking a bus ticket to any destination. The official suggests going to New York, Chicago, or Canada, offering assistance with transportation.

So, once again, this is a city official in Denver speaking. He says New York gives you more, Chicago gives you more, so I suggest going to places with longer term shelters and more job opportunities. However, he continues, we have received too many migrants, which is why we've run out of resources. He clarifies that they are not trying to block anyone from staying if they choose to; rather, he is there to inform them that their path is not over, but an "invasion path." If they stay, they will suffer even more, and he doesn't want to see this.

Adams continues discussing the issue of immigration and sanctuary cities. They mention how Denver has not been welcoming to migrants despite its reputation. According to Adams, Denver is now overwhelmed with migrants due to the actions of Texas Governor Abbott, who sends busloads of migrants to the city. Adams wonders what Denver's response will be and questions whether the city truly supports migrants or not.

States must recognize their potential vulnerability if the border remains unsecured. One effective way to convey this message is by transporting thousands of undocumented immigrants to various cities across the nation, such as Denver and New York City. However, Mayor Eric Adams of New York has expressed concerns about the influx of migrants, stating that it could lead to the collapse of the city. Despite these concerns, he offers free debit cards to undocumented immigrants, raising questions about the true intentions behind such policies and whether they are genuinely aimed at addressing the issue or merely pandering to specific voter demographics.

In his Brighteon broadcast, Adams also touched upon the potential manipulation of immigration numbers for political gain. Some liberals have lost touch with reality, abandoning moral principles and disregarding the rule of law in their desperation to increase immigration numbers before the next election. This approach could potentially rig elections by creating a dependency on government assistance, leading undocumented immigrants to continue voting for Democrats. By providing free housing, money, and food to migrants in cities like New York, Democrats hope to solidify their voter base and maintain power.

President Trump promises to end discrimination against whites

Adams also discussed the role of former President Trump in addressing these issues. He promises to reinterpret federal civil rights laws to prosecute institutions for discrimination against whites if elected. The current civil rights laws do not explicitly protect white people from discrimination in areas such as renting an apartment, hiring for a job, or obtaining scholarships and government positions. Instead, these laws focus on protecting people of color, women, and transgender individuals, leaving white people unprotected.

In major cities across America, the majority of police chiefs are black, regardless of their qualifications. While Adams has no issue with qualified black police chiefs, skin color should not be the determining factor. Ideally, we would see a diverse range of ethnicities in these positions, including whites, Asians, and Hispanics. The absence of white police chiefs across America is a concerning issue, as it seems that discrimination against whites is prevalent in these positions. Fortunately, Trump has expressed his intention to address this problem.

The broadcast also touched upon Trump's recent business ventures, such as True Social going public and experiencing a significant increase in its stock market value. Investors seem to be supporting Trump indirectly by bidding up the stock price. The Democrats are reportedly shocked by this development, as they did not anticipate such a financial success for the former president.

President Donald Trump could potentially sell some of his shares and earn hundreds of millions of dollars in cash if needed, possibly to meet the cash requirements of an upcoming New York trial where he is required to pay $450 million. Despite numerous attempts by the "deep state" to undermine him, Trump remains resilient and difficult to bring down. This financial strength can be attributed to his involvement with True Social (DWAC) which has seen its value increase from $35.60 just over a week ago to $50 currently. While it's unclear what percentage of the company Trump owns, his influence appears to have contributed to its substantial growth.

Texas judge releases illegal invaders

As the border crisis continues to escalate, with immigrants storming across the El Paso border in Texas and Governor Abbott announcing that all arrested individuals involved in storming the Texas border have been released, the question arises as to when the American people will reach their breaking point and decide to put a stop to this invasion. Many believe that it constitutes an invasion of the country, with Judge Humberto Acosta, a federal judge of Hispanic descent, ruling that those filmed overrunning the National Guard on the southern border must be released from jail and allowed to enter America freely.

Insect-based foods to be rolled out across popular grocery products

In a recent video, an American farmer named Drovers discussed the potential addition of insect-based ingredients to popular food products, such as PepsiCo's Cheetos and Quaker granola oats. The farmer mentioned that around six to seven companies are currently using crickets to create flour, with insect protein flour expected to appear in various products without clear labeling due to the projected $4.6 billion market value by 2027.

PepsiCo's interest in alternative protein sources has led them to partner with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Innova Foods for producing insect-based foods in Illinois. ADM claims that crickets contain 60% protein, although Iowa State University states the actual percentage is 12.9%. The high protein content of crickets has been a topic of debate, especially concerning chitin content. Additionally, the Daily Mail reports that PepsiCo is experimenting with mealworms as an alternative protein source for their snacks.

Israel as America's most dangerous enemy, not ally

Adams emphasized that Israel should be considered America's most dangerous enemy rather than an ally, despite Congress describing Israel as a crucial ally. He compared Israel to a reckless teenager who encourages engaging in risky and potentially illegal activities.

In a missile strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Israel targeted the residence of Iran's Ambassador to Syria, resulting in the death of 11 people, including high-ranking officials from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The Consulate building was severely damaged in the attack. This act of bombing an embassy building is an outrageous violation of warfare rules and could potentially escalate tensions further.

Concerns were raised about Israel's competent intelligence and its disregard for international laws and morality. The country has consistently flouted UN resolutions and refused to acknowledge the International Court of Justice or the ICC. This behavior has led to fears of potential civilian casualties in Gaza and other regions.

Adams also discussed the possibility that Israel's recent attack on the Iranian consulate may be a calculated move aimed at provoking America into engaging in a war with Iran. With Russia potentially getting involved as well, the situation could escalate quickly, leading to severe global consequences. Iran may retaliate by targeting Israeli ambassadors and embassies in other countries.

The speaker expressed concern for those advocating peace or diplomatic solutions, stating that the current situation benefits Netanyahu, who appears to desire widespread violence and war. With every embassy now considered fair game, the potential for more conflict increases. Israel's actions seem to send a message that attacking high-level officials' private homes is acceptable, leading Iran to retaliate in an unpredictable manner with negative consequences.

Russia has strongly condemned the attack on the Iranian consular office in Syria, stating that any attacks on diplomatic and consular facilities are categorically unacceptable under the Vienna Conventions. However, Netanyahu appears to disregard these rules, conventions, and treaties, potentially leading to further escalation of tensions.

Adams described Netanyahu as a "crazy, murderous, satanic death cult psychopath" who aims to involve America in a destructive outcome. He compared Netanyahu to a problematic teenager who always seeks trouble and discussed the ongoing issue of America sending 2000-pound bombs to Israel despite repeated calls for them to stop bombing. The speaker also mentioned Anthony Blinken and KJP, the White House spokesperson, as they continue to send more bombs to Israel.

It was suggested that Israel is stockpiling these weapons with the intention of attacking Iran and provoking a reaction from them. As tensions rise, there is an increasing likelihood that Iran will respond in a significant manner. Adams claimed that Israel's ultimate goal is to drop nuclear weapons on Iranian cities and possibly nuke southern Lebanon, involving America in a war where they would be committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes.

Israel, under Netanyahu's leadership and his war generals, has become America's most dangerous enemy. Despite the protests from many Israelis and Jews worldwide against Netanyahu's actions, it is crucial not to conflate his extreme behavior with all Jews or followers of Judaism. Netanyahu's actions are increasingly out of alignment with the people of Israel and their values. While he represents satanic death cult ideals, mass destruction, bloodshed, and violence, his goal of a greater Israel involves taking land from surrounding countries, as demonstrated in Gaza. The question arises: what is the USA doing by continuing to support Israel with weapons? By providing more bombs, the US becomes complicit in these actions.

Adams questions why America continues to support Israel financially and militarily despite their use of resources for bombing civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. He expresses hope that this situation will change but doubt it will happen under President Joe Biden's administration. The broadcast highlights the potential escalation of the conflict, with Israel provoking a response from Iran, which could lead to World War III.

In such a scenario, Russia would likely get involved by launching hypersonic missiles against US naval vessels, sinking aircraft carriers and causing significant casualties within the US Navy. Hezbollah and Hamas are also expected to join the fray with their own arsenals. As the situation deteriorates further, surrounding nations outside of Israel observe the chaos unfolding.

The conversation then shifts towards an invasion of Israel by Hezbollah, along with forces from Syria, Iraq, and potentially Turkey. In response, Israel invokes biblical prophecies and launches nuclear attacks on Damascus and other areas, further escalating the conflict. The speaker suggests that the current President, likely Barack Obama, should confront Netanyahu and demand an end to hostilities. He proposes that America should withdraw all military forces and naval vessels from the region, block funding and weapons shipments to Israel, and declare a no-fly zone over Gaza. Additionally, he recommends that the US Air Force should shoot down any Israeli Air Force jets attempting to bomb Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's actions could lead to global conflict, and Adams called for his arrest as the person responsible for these dangerous developments.

Watch the full episode here:



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