Gun safety 101: 3 Ways to keep your firearms safe
10/14/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Gun safety 101: 3 Ways to keep your firearms safe

Gun storage is very important. Keeping your firearms tucked away where children can’t play with them and burglars can’t snatch them – or worse, use them against your family – is very important. Fortunately, there are three very simple ways you can keep your family safe from accidental discharges. Here are three different gun safety options for your firearms. (h/t to

Trigger lock

A trigger lock is perhaps the most basic form of gun safety that you can buy. It is, as its name implies, a lock that can fit over a gun’s trigger to prevent it from being accidentally fired.

While trigger locks are simple and very affordable, they are not the ideal storage solution, as they are not meant to be used on a loaded firearm. If you use the trigger lock on a loaded firearm, the risk of an unintentional discharge while you’re either placing or removing the trigger lock is very high.

Finally, while a trigger lock can prevent a thief from firing a gun they stole from you, it doesn’t prevent the gun from being taken. (Related: Superfoods for GUNS: How to clean and lubricate firearms using orange peel extracts and COCONUT OIL.)

Gun case

If you want something more secure than a trigger lock, get a gun case. You can get two kinds of gun cases: soft-sided and hard-sided.

Soft-sided cases come in a range of fabrics, from leather to nylon and neoprene. They are quiet, lightweight and easy to carry around with you if you’re going on a trip. Hunters usually use soft-sided gun cases because of this. Some soft-sided gun cases are even waterproof, preventing your firearm from getting waterlogged if you have to cross bodies of water.

Hard-sided gun cases offer more protection for your firearm than a soft-sided case. They feature a thick layer of foam padding that can protect your gun from impact, keeping it securely in place. While different paddings have different densities, even the lower-end models can offer a lot more protection from impact than a soft-sided case. Movement within the case is very undesirable, so make sure that your gun case has foam that is specific to the model of firearm.

Gun safe

If you have enough funds to invest in the best storage and security solutions for your firearm, you need to get a gun safe. It is the most secure gun storage option you can get.

With a gun safe, any kind of burglar or home invader will be unable to get to your firearms and possibly use them against you. A gun safe will also protect your children. Keeping your guns in a safe which your children are unable to access prevents them from playing with them and accidentally firing them. Furthermore, a gun safe can also be a great way to keep your guns in top condition during a disaster, such as a fire.

Lastly, having a gun safe around makes your firearms easily accessible during emergency situations. Some gun owners are worried that they might not be able to get to their gun in time during a break-in or any other face-off with criminals. Having a safe allows you to keep your gun secure and close by, instead of hidden in a closet or underneath some boxes if it’s in a gun case.

Remember that your guns are one of your best tools for defending yourself and your family. Thus, they need to be treated with a lot of care. Store them in a secure manner, make sure they aren’t loaded when they’re tucked away in a case or a safe and make sure the storage solution you choose is secured with a lock.

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