Threats, cyber-bullying now targeting scientists who study Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… when will free speech about science be allowed to exist again?
03/18/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Threats, cyber-bullying now targeting scientists who study Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… when will free speech about science be allowed to exist again?

It’s an inexplicable health condition with no known cure that affects as many as 2.5 million people in the United States and 17 million people globally, and that costs the American economy as much as $24 billion every year in medical bills and lost incomes. But good luck actually trying to come up with a viable solution for chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or C.F.S./M.E., because most attempts thus far to find a solution have been met with bullying, persecution, and even death threats from the corrupt medical establishment.

An in-depth report on C.F.S. by Thompson Reuters Foundation News has revealed that, much like what happens to anyone, scientist or otherwise, who questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, health practitioners who dare to suggest that C.F.S. might have some kind of psychological component are quickly tossed into the quack bin. And some have even had their careers threatened, which is why many end up opting out of the quest to solve the C.F.S. puzzle.

One would think that, because it’s imposing enormous financial strain both on the medical system and the people who suffer from it – not to mention all the pain and suffering that demarcate its horrific profile of symptoms – C.F.S. would be a top priority for medical professionals to cure, or at least learn how to better manage. But instead, many within the medical establishment are waging war against those trying to find answers.

According to Kate Kelland, who wrote the new report for Reuters, of the dozen professors, doctors, and researchers with experience analyzing or testing potential treatments for C.F.S. who were contacted by the news organization, all of them indicated that they’ve been targeted with “online harassment” by activists who object to their approach. One such activist is David Tuller, a former journalist with a doctor of public health degree from the University of California, Berkeley, who’s published an astounding 140 blog posts, amounting to tens of thousands of words, attacking people who suggest that psychological treatments could help people suffering from C.F.S.


Tuller even went so far as to complain to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), New York’s Columbia University, and the media streaming service Netflix, which ran a docu-series about patients with C.F.S. Tuller’s goal with all this activism is to brand anyone who suggests that there might be a psychological component to C.F.S. as “insane,” or working with a “cabal” trying to push “mass delusion” using “bogus and really terrible research.”

“For many scientists, it’s a new normal: From climate change to vaccines, activism and science are fighting it out online,” Kelland explains about the situation. “Social media platforms are supercharging the battle,” she contends.

Many scientists, doctors are being bullied out of conducting C.F.S. research, which means patients will continue to suffer

The losers in all this aren’t the doctors and scientists being bullied out of conducting C.F.S. research. It’s the millions of C.F.S. patients who will continue to needlessly suffer because of the political agendas of the medical establishment, which has once again proven to the world that it cares more about preserving its collective ego than helping patients find relief.

Reuters learned, because of all the anti-C.F.S. bullying, the number of clinical trials looking for solutions to C.F.S. has decreased substantially. From 2010 to 2014, there were 33 new C.F.S. clinical trials launched. However, since the bullying campaigns really ramped up, that number dropped to a mere 20 new clinical trials from 2015 to the present.

“The toxicity of it permeates everything,” says Michael Sharpe, a University of Oxford professor who eight years ago published the results of a clinical trial showing that some C.F.S. patients experienced dramatic improvements after undergoing various talking and exercise therapies – and who was bullied and harassed by the medical establishment for doing so.

“Patients are the losers here,” Sharpe says, adding that his persecutors are “doing a terrible disservice to sufferers from this condition.”

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