First plank of communism: abolish all private property (sound familiar?) – WATCH at
08/02/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
First plank of communism: abolish all private property (sound familiar?) – WATCH at

How closely does the agenda of the Democrats and the modern-day Left match that of Karl Marx and the Communist Party? Almost perfectly, believe it or not.

During a recent episode of The Issue, available at, host “Ghetto Man” discusses the first plank of communism: the abolition of all private property.

It’s something that the Left of today is also pushing for in the name of “equality” and “fairness,” borrowing a page straight from the Communist Manifesto.

Even Marx, who’s regarded more as a socialist, emphasized how disallowing people from owning land and personal property is the first step towards implementing communism in a nation.

“Karl Marx said if he could sum up communism in one sentence, it would be: ‘abolition of private property,'” Ghetto Man explains.

Listen in for yourself to hear how what’s happening in the United States today under the guise of “progress” is just communism with a fresh veneer:

Private property and person are one and the same

The reason why the right to private property is so important is that private property is “an extension of the person,” according to Ghetto Man.

This is also how private property is delineated in our nation’s founding documents – our founders recognizing that private property is key to individualism as opposed to collectivism.

“The first and greatest property right is the right to own one’s self,” says Ghetto Man. “A conscious thinking human being in charge of his or her own destiny, unhindered by any human authority.”


“The right to self-ownership is the foundation to all personal freedom and wealth. The right to acquire property is an extension of that right.”

To try to remove private property from the equation, as many of today’s leftists now advocate, is to try to remove the right to one’s self – to completely eliminate the idea of an individual in favor of a collective or a “herd.”

Without private property, people become slaves to government

It might sound nice in theory – the idea of universal equality and no wealth disparities. But equalizing everything as part of a socialist or communist format turns people into slaves of their own government.

No longer do individuals have the right to work, earn, and create on their own. Instead, they become beholden to handouts from the government – turning individuals into serfs, and government into their master.

This is essentially the platform of failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, whose socialist ideals represent exactly what Karl Marx wished to see implemented on a global scale. The leftist Democrat agenda as a whole embraces this as well, pushing communism using fresh terminology.

“We don’t have private property ownership in the U.S.A. anymore,” contends Ghetto Man. “Instead, we have allowed our servant federal government to take complete control of all private property and state public land in the United States.”

Communism has simply been rebranded as “globalism”

One such term is “globalism,” which is really just communism rebranded. It’s the idea of shedding all borders and nationalities and becoming “one” – which is exactly what communists throughout the ages have been trying to implement globally.

“Isn’t that what we’re seeing and hearing right now?” asks Ghetto Man, referring to the leftist rhetoric of today that’s merely communism with a new cloak. “We call it globalism.”

This is precisely why the nationalistic agenda of President Trump is so upsetting both to leftists and to “neo-cons” on the right. It aims to backtrack away from communist and towards the freedom that our founders intended – complete with borders, the rule of law, and a unique culture just our own.

Be sure to watch Ghetto Man’s full monologue on communism at

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