Who needs a lab when you can just SNIFF sarin gas? Check out the latest hilarious junk science used to justify the bombing of Syria
04/24/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Who needs a lab when you can just SNIFF sarin gas? Check out the latest hilarious junk science used to justify the bombing of Syria

Fake news ringleader CNN has once again become the laughingstock of the internet following the release of a ridiculously staged segment featuring CNN reporter Arwa Damon, who’s seen catching a whiff of a child’s backpack while claiming that she can still smell the remnants of the alleged chemical weapons attack that supposedly took place in Douma, Syria.

The video footage shows Damon sniffing the pink satchel, which allegedly belonged to a child who was victimized during the chemical weapons attack. Claiming that the odor must be the residual leftovers of sarin gas, Damon makes a fool of herself by pretending to be a scientific expert in the off-gassing of sarin – which doesn’t actually have a smell and is completely odorless.

“There’s definitely something that stings,” Damon comments as she inhales the backpack. “The smell is still quite strong, maybe these were the things they weren’t able to wash,” she adds.

You can watch the video directly at this link.

The hilarious footage garnered plenty of comments on YouTube, as users remarked about the fact that sarin gas doesn’t have an obvious smell. They also questioned why Damon would even be smelling a sarin-saturated backpack in the first place, seeing as how the chemical, if really present, would seriously harm or even kill her.

“Take another whiff of that potentially chemical covered backpack,” joked one YouTube user.

“Sniffing a backpack contaminated by Sarin gas would kill you,” jibed another.


Remarking on the many false flag elements that characterize the alleged event, another YouTube user had this to say:

“Make sure we save some of the chemical laced clothes for when CNN comes and smells them. We don’t want people thinking this entire event was a hoax or anything.”

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Has CNN ever published real news throughout its existence?

CNN must really think its viewers are dumber than a box of rocks, as even a cursory look into the nature of sarin gas reveals that the whole segment with Damon had to have been completely staged.

Sarin gas, as explained in a paper from California State University, Los Angeles, is clear, odorless, and tasteless – meaning it can’t be detected by smelling a backpack.

It’s also incredibly lethal, having the ability to kill within “minutes,” according to chemical experts.

“Inhaled or absorbed through the skin, the gas kills by crippling the respiratory center of the central nervous system and paralyzing the muscles around the lungs,” reports The Times of Israel.

“The combination results in death by suffocation, and sarin can contaminate food or water supplies, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

This means there’s no way that Arwa Damon actually breathed it in while filming fake news for CNN. Further, there’s not even a small chance that she wouldn’t have gotten sick, had she actually breathed in real sarin gas.

Heck, there’s a very strong possibility that Damon wasn’t even in Syria when the stunt was filmed. After all, CNN was recently caught using a fake screenshot from the video game Fallout 4 to claim that Russian hackers broke into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers to make sure that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election.

All of this raises the question as to whether or not CNN has ever reported on or published real news of any kind. The network seems to have a penchant for constantly throwing up green screens, fabricating evidence, and filming fake “on the scene” footage to support its narrative – and so much of this stuff is so obvious that only a complete idiot would ever fall for it.

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