Prepping tip: How to hide your valuables in plain sight
Prepping tip: How to hide your valuables in plain sight

Let’s face it: stashing away your valuables in a conventional safe just doesn’t cut it anymore. Burglars and home invaders know to make a beeline for big, metal safes to get the goods. So, how else can you hide your family heirlooms, your guns, and whatever else you hold near and dear to your heart? Fortunately, there are many places around your home where you can stash your most prized possessions, and here are some for you to consider. (h/t to

  • Hidden doorway bookshelf: If your home is a bit on the large side, you should invest in a hidden doorway bookshelf. The extra space means that you can squirrel away a wide variety of supplies. You can even transform it into a secret panic room that nobody but you and your family knows about. Should you opt for a hidden doorway bookshelf, be sure to pick a style and color that will allow it to blend with the rest of your home décor.
  • Bed safe: As per the YouTube channel Survival Know How, a bed safe is a “must for any gun enthusiast who’s just running out of space to store his guns.” But far from just serving as a good spot to hide your guns, a bed safe is suitable for other valuables too. The size and durability of a bed safe deliver solid protection, while its location (under your bed, of course) offers superb camouflage. (Related: Prepper 101: How to find the perfect stash spot on your property)
  • Vent safe: Thieves rushing through your home won’t bother to open every vent to check if it’s a secret compartment. A vent safe is great for hiding a handful of personal items in plain sight. Wall vents and floor vents can be used for this purpose.
  • Outlet safe: Similar to a vent safe, nobody is going to go through the effort of checking every outlet. Although an outlet safe can’t hold as many possessions as other hidden safes, it’s relatively easy to install and is suitable for jewelry, keys, and small wads of money.
  • Floating shelf gun case: This is a must for people who want maximum security. The beauty of floating shelf gun cases is that they can be placed all around your house, and no one will be any wiser. You, on the other hand, can rest a little easier knowing that your most trusted guns are just a few feet away from your person at all times.
  • Wall clocks or picture frames: Simple yet effective, wall clocks and picture frames are great for hiding cash. Just put your money inside of an envelope and secure it behind the clock or picture frame of your choice with some tape.
  • Toilet water tank: Who’d ever think to look inside the toilet water tank for valuables? Most burglars won’t, and that makes this disgusting yet handy makeshift cache suitable for cash, precious metals, and even your important documents. Just remember to use a waterproof bottle or zipper bag. The last thing you want is to open up a case of waterlogged possessions.
  • DVD cases: Another decent place to stash your money or important documents, though this trick only works if you’ve got a “decent-sized DVD collection,” as put it. Choose the most innocuous-looking DVD cases, such as those for documentaries or those for family videos. For extra security, you can glue the DVD case shut. Avoid positioning the case in the middle of your DVD row to make it less conspicuous.


As any prepper worth their salt knows, being over-prepared is better than being under-prepared. Even if a nuclear attack doesn’t happen, break-ins and robberies are threats that you should still take into consideration. They can happen to anyone at anytime. Don’t wait for them to happen to you before making an effort to secure what matters the most.

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