LGBT acronym explodes to ‘LGBTQQIAAPP’ as gender-confused snowflakes completely lose their minds
02/24/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
LGBT acronym explodes to ‘LGBTQQIAAPP’ as gender-confused snowflakes completely lose their minds

Is there a limit to how stupid the liberals will get? One wonders if there will ever come a day where they say to themselves, “Whoa, let’s slow down here. We’re getting a little crazy with all this politically correct stuff.” Probably not. (RELATED: Read about a transgender female wrestler who is now being sued for steroid use).

What used to be a simple acronym – LGBT – is now LGBTQQIAAPP, according to a terminology guide put out by the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. Why they don’t just make the acronym the entire alphabet (you know, so that no one is left out) is beyond me.

VSU states in their guide that gender “language is constantly evolving, and these definitions are not by any means comprehensive,” adding that “terms of self-identification should not be used to label others without their consent.”

If you’re like me, then you probably have no idea what any of the letters stand for beyond “LGBT.” Lucky for us, we can take a glance at the guide and figure out what exactly is going on. Of course, we know that LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. But what about the following Q?

The first Q in VCU’s acronym stands for queer, which means that you don’t identify as your birth gender but you’re not heterosexual either. This sounds to me like it’s the gray area of the acronym, so to speak. This is the letter dedicated to everyone who doesn’t exactly know what they are or who they are attracted to.

The second Q stands for questioning. Similar to queer, someone who is questioning is unsure what his or her sexual orientation is. They are still exploring, and don’t want to place a social label on themselves for one reason or another.


The I stands for intersex, which actually has to do with biology and not psychology. Someone who is intersexual was born with a variation of the human anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical male or female definitions. This may include variations of chromosomes, sex hormones or genitalia.

The following A stands for asexual, which is someone that isn’t attracted to anyone. They don’t find males sexually attractive and they aren’t attracted to females either. People who are asexual are sometimes said to not have a sexual orientation at all; that is, they are not heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

The second A stands for something that I never even thought would appear in an acronym for sexual orientations. It stands for allies, which are people who support and fight for equal civil rights and gender equality. These are the ones that are out in the streets with the signs that say “Donald Trump is homophobic,” or “Let transgenders use the bathroom of their choice.” (RELATED: Read about what the NFL is doing in response to Texas’s transgender bathroom legislation). In other words, “allies” are liberals.

We’re almost done! The first P stands for pansexual. This is someone who will be at the club, walk up to a girl and hit on her, and then do the same thing five minutes later to a guy. In other words, pansexuals are sexually attracted to both males and females. I always thought they called this “bisexual,” but what do I know?

The last P stands for polysexual, which believe it or not is virtually identical to bisexual and pansexual. Someone who is polysexual is sexually attracted to more than one gender and/or sex.

Maybe I’m just a bigoted, close-minded conservative, but it appears that three of those letters in the acronym could have been consolidated into one. I know the liberals will tell you that it’s very important to not leave anyone out, but would it kill them to make it just a little bit more simplistic?

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I propose an acronym that is far more inclusive than anything the left has proposed thus far: “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.”

What do you think? Sound good?


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