5 Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Smoothie
04/13/2016 / By Michael Bundrant / Comments
5 Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are making a comeback in a bag way. These healthy beverages have undergone a renewed public interest as people ceaselessly search for ways to be fitter and lose weight.

Smoothies are becoming a way to combine delicious taste with helpful health benefits. This makes them a win-win for everyone.

The ability and potential to customize smoothies have added to their versatility. No one has an excuse to not incorporate smoothies into their diet because they can make them in a way that they would find palatable. Although there is a lot of flexibility in our ability to make smoothies, by following five essential components, we can reliably produce healthy and delicious smoothies.

Protein is an ingredient that is often forgotten when people set out to make a smoothie. This is a great shame because people are missing out an easy way to add much needed nutrients into their diet. There are products that can help us to put protein into our smoothies.

Whey protein is a top contender to consider as an addition. It is a complete protein source, very high in amino acid content. It also has a neutral taste that will allow the other stars of your smoothie to shine. Be sure to use a 100% natural whey protein that is cold-processed and free of synthetic chemicals!

Carbohydrates are another crucial consideration. This food group is critical for the endocrine system to function at its best which will have direct results on the state of our metabolic system. Berries of all kinds are a wonderful choice because they have a low amount of sugar. They are also chocked full of vitamins and minerals that are important. Bananas, particularly green ones for the sugar level, are another staple of an amazing smoothie.


Not all fat is bad. Fat increases the feeling of satiation which can help us to not eat sooner in the day. There are many healthy fats but avocado is a fruit that is known to contain quite a bit of it. Additionally, cacao and coconut butter are great and tasty sources for good fat.

Quantities matter as much as the quality of our food and only a dash of fat (on the scale of a tablespoon) should be added into a smoothie. One convenient squirt of organic, berry-flavored flax oil should do the trick.

Fiber, like protein, tends to get forgotten in the construction of delicious smoothies. The benefits of fiber are extensive and they effect all parts of our body—from digestive health to toxin removal. Consider using seeds to add that much needed dash of fiber. Chia seeds are particularly nutritious and full of fiber, but alternatives like hemp seeds and ground flax seed also exist. See which taste you like best and mix and match them!

The final critical element in a world class smoothie is a booster. Smoothies are a versatile drink that can serve as many purposes as we see fit. So it only makes sense that we use the beverage to its fullest by adding in a superfood.

Goji berries are great tasting, low in sugar, and boost your immune system. Vanilla beans, raw chocolate, camu camu powder, and even bee pollen are all things that take a little time to enhance our smoothie, but have long-lasting positive effects on our biological systems.

By using this guideline, you will reliably churn out interesting, delicious, and healthy smoothies. Remember to always have fun with it!

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