Top 20 worst cigarette incidents
03/15/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Top 20 worst cigarette incidents

Nobody has to tell you what can go wrong with smoking, but nobody ever really does, so we’ve chosen to now. Thought it might get your attention long enough to help you quit smoking, naturally of course. Instead of trying to put a jinx on anything good, let’s put the reverse “jinx” on the bad stuff, and maybe that will invert your bad luck and turn it into the best luck you’ve ever had. There’s no big intro needed here and there’s not really anything more to say than … welcome … to your consideration, of the top 20 worst cigarette incidents, all of which you can avoid, by quitting the nasty habit. Here we go:

Incident #1. You burn the house or apartment down with people in it.

  1. You fall asleep with lit cigarette and get burned alive (or get the majority of your body burned severely and survive)
  1. You burn your house down and survive, luckily.
  1. You pluck the cigarette out the car window while driving and burn someone else’s house to the ground, and never even know you caused it to happen.
  1. You flick the cigarette out the car window while driving on a highway and a whole forest catches on fire and you burn down an entire neighborhood.
  1. Your child sees you smoking and starts smoking as a teen because of you and then gets cancer as a young adult because of the cigarette habit.
  1. You get lung or pancreatic cancer and think that chemotherapy might save you.
  1. You find the perfect soul mate, but when they find out you’re a smoker who either can’t quit or doesn’t want to, they leave you.
  1. You drop the cigarette while lit IN THE CAR while driving and you get into a horrible accident while trying to find it.
  1. You become a very negative person, not ever discovering your true potential in life, always living with regret.
  1. Your sibling, spouse or child gets a disease and dies from your second hand smoke.
  1. You have to file bankruptcy every decade to pay for doctor and hospital bills from your chronic sicknesses thanks to smoking, and you never become financially stable or independent.
  1. You find out after twenty years of smoking two packs a day you wasted $60,000 on cigarettes alone, not to mention lighters, cleaners bills, dentist bills, and so on.
  1. You die of cancer before you ever get to see your grandkids.
  1. You have to get some fingers, toes, a hand, or a foot amputated because your circulation was so poor from so many years of smoking (nicotine constricts blood and oxygen flow to extremities).
  1. You lose your voice box, tongue, sight, sense of smell or sense of taste permanently thanks to cigarettes.
  1. You completely lose your sex drive (libido).
  1. You take expensive, MD prescribed medications for years for anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, bronchitis, arthritis, emphysema, and allergies, when all you had to do was quit smoking and eat right. Over time, the medications break down your system, make you even more acidic and prone to infections, diseases, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, cancer and superbug infections.
  1. You spend several days of each year lying in a hospital bed, getting surgery, eating toxic hospital food, and missing key events and days of your life you could be enjoying, if you weren’t a smoker.
  1. Your spouse starts smoking because of you, and you eventually quit, but they never do, and you end up attending their funeral because of it.

Yep. It’s all pretty depressing … that is … if you keep smoking and have the “typical” (bad) luck of a smoker. You’re playing the odds and they’re stacked high against you. It’s just like playing with fire because it is fire–fire mixed with deadly chemicals. Guess what? It’s time to quit, for real.

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