Medical doctors NEVER mention nutrition strategies for smokers trying to quit – take a big GUESS why
02/11/2016 / By David Rice / Comments
Medical doctors NEVER mention nutrition strategies for smokers trying to quit – take a big GUESS why

The mainstream media and medical doctors NEVER mention nutrition strategies for smokers trying to quit. Care to venture a guess as to why that is? Because it works. That’s right, and medical doctors don’t know a darned thing about nutrition because it’s not taught in medical school and hasn’t been in over 100 years. Even if a medical doctor wanted to tell a smoker that they have a better chance of quitting cigarettes than ANY other cessation method, by simply changing their nutritional intake, they can’t, because the AMA (American Medical Association) would come shut them down and take away their medical license for doing it. So what do the medical doctors do instead? They send smokers to little talk groups, like they do alcoholics, and they prescribe them medications that make them want to commit suicide, and then they bill your insurance, if you have any, and they go home to their three-story homes and their swimming pools and relax, thinking they’ve done some good, or not really caring if they did, or not knowing if they have, or something to that tune.

If you could take snapshots of your central nervous system and look at it like a scale throughout the day, one in the morning when you wake up, one after your first cigarette, one before each meal, one after each meal, and one at the end of the day, you would be shocked and astonished by the massive fluctuation of your nerves and the horrific chemical imbalances you are experiencing all day and having to cope with just to get by and “make ends meet.”


If you could see your hormone balance, your dopamine balance, your serotonin balance, and view your mood swings on a graph, you’d see it’s all over the place, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most smokers pay NO ATTENTION to healthy foods because they figure the cigarettes are doing so much damage, it won’t matter if they eat healthy, and for the most part, they’re right. Yet, 42,000,000 Americans are completely and utterly uneducated about the rewards that come from chemical balance, from nutrient rich foods, from superfoods, from clean fluids and from powerful organic supplements. Forty two MILLION American smokers are stuck in a cycle of upsetting their nervous system periodically throughout the day, inhaling dangerous pesticides that kill bugs and kill weeds and destroy their ability to feel good, except during the rush of nicotine.

Medical doctors NEVER mention nutrition to smokers trying to quit because those smokers WOULD QUIT and would not be “clients for life”

There are doctors in this world, in this nation, in your state, in your county or city who are VERY educated in the field of nutrition. They are called Naturopathic Physicians. You may have never even heard those words before, and that’s okay, because mainstream media and mainstream “medicine” wants it that way. America is in the business of feeding its 300 million people chemical-laced foods and then prescribing chemical-laced medicine that doesn’t help, but simply covers up the symptoms of disease and disorder all while adding to the health chaos. But Naturopathic Physicians do just the opposite. They advise you about eating clean, detoxifying from all the chemicals that you eat, drink, put on your skin, and those that you breathe in. This kind of doctor is trained and trained well to tell you the best foods to eat for natural body chemistry and balance of your vital hormones and central nervous system, that keeps your moods in check, that keeps feeding you positive thoughts, energy and immunity. These doctors, and even nutritionists (who may not be doctors but have degrees in nutrition) can advise you how to change your ways and do it in an instant. This is not some long road to recovery that takes all your money, time and energy away. No, this is a change you can make in an instant. You have the choice to become educated, clean out your refrigerator and pantry and freezer, clean out your car, your desk, your book bag or pocket book, and throw away all the toxic foods, toxic gum and candy (that contains artificial sweeteners), throw out all that diet soda, those canned foods, those microwaveable meals, and start eating clean, fresh, local, organic, raw produce and drinking spring water.

You have complete control and can do this, starting today and always maintaining a healthy balance of your nerves, your moods, your heart, your brain and your central nervous system. You have ONE BODY, ONE HEART, ONE BRAIN – do the right thing with it for always and never look back. You could be a non-smoker starting today and never light up a cancer stick again. You have complete control.

There is a natural program that incorporates knowledge about the chemicals racing through your body right now, and then it teaches you about simple effective behavior modification, and finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it teaches you about nutrition that’s recommended by the top nutritionists and raw food experts in the world. You don’t have to spend all your money to quit a habit that spends all your money. You can kill the urge to smoke and you will CUT the habit. You just have to say, I want to quit smoking today.

Here’s the plan …

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There’s a natural aid recommended by nutritionists …

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