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Pentagon advisor wants to create mind control neuro-weapons. This should terrify us all
By News Editors // Mar 02, 2023

That our friends in the permanent bureaucracy of government are willing to wage an information war upon us would be news – if it weren’t for the fact that their agents set the news agenda. The vast psychological operation that was the response to COVID has in the Ukraine war a fitting sequel. These are two events which, over time, seem less and less accidental.  

(Article by Frank Wright republished from LifeSiteNews.com)

They have both prompted an attempt to shape the feelings, beliefs and behaviors of entire populations, to the point where these populations consider choices harmful to their own health and survival not only as wise but also as virtuous. 

People have been persuaded to make choices against their own survival instinct to gain a few “likes.” This is the role of the media in the formerly Free World. It is penetrated and directed by CIA agents and their national security state bedfellows, as has been patiently documented by Matt Taibbi’s coverage of the Twitter Files. This fact is also not newsworthy. 

It is not worth reporting that the agents of a faction dedicated to total control of the hearts and minds of the populations of the world decide what you get to think. 

It is not news that the machinery of consent manufacture has been delivered into their hands owing to a pandemic that looks suspicious from practically any angle. Nor is it news that the same people decide for you that provoking an all-out nuclear war is our democratic duty. 

The United States was not founded as a “democracy” but as a republic. It is for good reason this fact is not news, and it is the same reason that the other facts are unworthy of notice. It is because this is the government the Founding Fathers warned you about. 

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No one capable of noticing reality needs reminding of the reasons for this charge. Yet there are far more compelling ones than the apocalyptic shopping list of well-known global goals. To the project of fear and the fantasies of a worldwide surveillance state, we must now add the sick dream of mind control. 

I am sorry to admit that I laughed at pictures of people in tin foil hats. Of all the conspiracies that have come true, I thought that this would be the one we could still dismiss with a sensible chuckle.  

Well, I doff my aluminum fedora to these pioneers of the paranoid. It seems no fantasy, no imagined dystopia, has the power to overmatch the diseased designs of the people who would destroy humanity in order to rule the remnants forever.

DARPA’s concerning goal of creating actual mind control technology

Our “friends” at DARPA have been busy making nightmares into reality for a long time. The story of the permanent destruction of humanity begins with the unlikely name of Dr. William Casebeer.

Dr. Bill, as his fellow diabolist Dr. James Giordano calls him, set up a project called Narrative Networks at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This was an attempt to refine a means of changing people’s beliefs with messages. Media strategies, slogans, symbols and memes as a means of building a network of government friendly narratives to replace the stories people may otherwise tell – about everything.

It is a means of protecting power from the consequences of comparison with reality. It was quaintly described in 2011 as a means to a mastery of propaganda, whose aim to brainwash whole populations was fanciful because it was impossible.  

This is no longer the case. The technology has improved to make this technique a mere footnote. The focus has shifted from the virtual to the actual. The battle for reality will no longer be restricted to displays on screen. The battlefield of the future is the brain. Yours. 

Dr. James Giordano begins his enthusiastic sales pitch for his technological zombie apocalypse with a warning. His audience of young US military types is told:

What I’m going to hear is not applause at the end but the slamming shut of your sphincters with fear. That’s good.

He is a man without a past, with no record of his life that I can discover on the internet. He appears to have sprung from the machine he adores, his name entrained with credentialed honors. Each title he owns is a euphemism for evil. 

Giordano is working to make real a prediction from fifty years ago:

Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, ‘I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.’ (Zbigniew Brzezinski, ‘Between Two Ages: Americas Role in the Technetronic Era’ 1972)

‘Transcranial electronic stimulation’

What Giordano is selling is the exciting means of controlling minds with deniable technologies. This includes bioweapons and nanotechnology to allow for the remote implantation and extraction of thoughts. Transcranial electronic stimulation by means of aerosolized nanoparticles — phrases like this litter Giordano’s lecture. He revels in these cascades of jargon, showing with the prolixity of the peacock an effective means of safely uttering atrocious ideas. This is unsurprising, as he proudly announces he has also been tasked with: “creating a lexicon, a nomenclature that would be able to define these [things] in more precise ways.”

By “more precise ways’” he means “making the hellish attractive.” He is doing the Devil’s work, and has written a diabolic dictionary to describe it. Let us see what he means by means by: “Transcranial electronic stimulation by means of aerosolized nanoparticles.” 

This means they are making clouds of tiny mind control machines for you to inhale without knowing.  

Remote-control brain implants, drugs and ‘neuroweapons’

The list of euphemized atrocities continues, which breaks down into three main areas. The creation of new devices, like tiny machines on the scale of dust. The development of new drugs, allowing for the thrilling ‘dual use’ of medical technology in the battlespace of the brain. This also includes the repurposing of medical brain imaging and implants to allow Giordano to extract your thoughts and replace them with his, which all seem to be about himself. 

Giordano is the most perfect example of the technocratic personality I have seen. His character is a fusion of the peculiar fetish for technology with a contempt for humanity and its virtues, articulated with the vanity of a jealous actor. His demeanor suggests the basis for his life’s work – to make us incapable of listening to anyone else.  

I think this is an important observation. This man shares an easily injured vanity with the entire class of insincere smilers. This type of person – whose public face is the product of rehearsal – sees human emotion and expression as a mask to be adopted for better results. We are governed by people with the morals of Leatherface, whose aim is to have us apply the chainsaw to ourselves. 

The final strand is the development of novel bioweapons, which, when combined with the use of psychological operations, allows you to: “target individuals …and direct attribution …or use covert engagement with non attribution…” 

This means that people can be affected by remote mind weapons whose very existence can be denied. The mere suggestion that this is possible raises a sensible eyebrow. It is not hard to see how midwit opinion will be mobilized to laugh off the means of its own manufacture. When government by implant is achieved, organized disagreement will be a thing of the past. 

Giordano regales his audience with the merits of sponsoring medical research, whose advances in non-invasive transcranial stimulation will permit the remote control of your mind. 

If this sounds sensationalist, consider also the development of “novel neuroweapons.” This remarkable sequence in one of Giordano’s most infamous presentations shows him breathlessly introduce “In-close pharmaceuticals and organic neurotoxins.”

Which means, drugs and bugs to be used at close range to the “targeted individuals.” These include: “ultra low dose agents for use in targeting diplomatic/local culture ‘hearts and minds’ scenarios.” 

In short, they will stop your heart and break your mind. The purpose of these projects is to render people unstable and undesirable by every means from altering medical records to shaping opinion through information and inducing symptoms of mental illness. In Giordano-speak, this means using “High morbidity neuro-microbiological agents” — or microbes which are effective in attacking the brain, specifically “neuro-microbials with high neuro-psychiatric symptom clusters for public panic/public health dis-integrative effects.” 

In other words, engineered pathogens designed to make people go insane. And if inducing panic and psychosis to dissolve people’s minds is not enough, there are also “Gene-edited microbiologicals with novel morbidity/mortality profiles” — that is to say, bioweapons tailored to your genome which will kill and injure you in new ways.

If this is sounding disturbingly familiar, consider the development of “Nano-neuroparticulate agents”  — or tiny objects to make your brain die.

More specifically, there are “High CNS aggregation lead/carbon-silicate nanofibres (network disruption).” Here the Central Nervous System is a “network” to be “disrupted.”

Giordano is extremely pleased with himself to reduce humanity to the metaphor of a machine to be sabotaged. He is the kind of person who sees ethics as a weapon of the enemy, and in fact says so himself, before going on to explain how “Neurovascular haemorrhagic agents…”  — things that cause internal bleeding — can be used for “in-close and population use as ‘stroke epidemic’ induction agents.”

A “stroke epidemic.” you say? What a remarkable coincidence. 

There are simply too many horrifying points of interest to mention in this video of October 2018. Yet the parallels between his remarks and the disturbing events which unfolded one year later with what would be called the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan. 

The terrifying goal of the globalist technocrats

The project to achieve total control over the hearts and minds of the human population, forever, is documented in subsequent appearances by Giordano, which have been collated here. He is a perfect example of the ruling caste, being an amoral narcissist with no aim beyond the promotion of himself. The technological jargon is an aspect of his fetish for machines, which to him are simply mechanisms to be employed to gain more power. It is to this example he reduces all humanity.  

We are facing a future limited by the imaginations of men like Giordano, who will never miss the faculties of virtue and compassion, of charity, mercy and love once they are abolished. Our technocrats love only the machines which grant them godlike powers to destroy everything they are not: everything good, everything just, everything noble. Everything holy. This is the architecture of the kingdom of Satan, and its development explains the indifference of the management to the social and international chaos caused by their disastrous policies. 

This technology is designed to abolish free will by granting the power to read, write and scramble the brains of entire populations. This is the barbarism which heralds the end of the third religion of man. There is nothing left to Liberalism but the naked pursuit of power by a tiny and insane faction, whose vainglorious lust for dominance requires the extinction of Humanity.

Read more at: LifeSiteNews.com

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