EXCLUSIVE: Hot fusion breakthrough only “allowed” because of COLD FUSION (LENR) revolution now under way
By Mike Adams // Dec 14, 2022

Earlier this week, the Dept. of Energy announced a breakthrough in "hot" nuclear fusion: A net gain of energy from the fusion experiment at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. CNBC.com covered the story and falsely reported, " It’s the first time humankind has achieved this landmark."

I say CNBC "falsely" reported this because hot fusion technology has been in existence for many years (see the Lockheed Martin patent below for starters). It was kept under wraps because hot fusion energy would provide extremely low-cost electricity for the masses while gutting the fossil fuels industry whose existence is necessary for US dollar hegemony (see full explanation below). Hot fusion, in other words, had to be suppressed in order to maintain oil dominance -- and petrodollar dominance -- in the global economy.

Why oil-based global energy is critical to the survival of the US empire and its weaponized dollar currency

Remember that US global economic dominance is based largely on the petrodollar status, meaning that Saudi Arabia sells oil in dollars and no other currency. That's about to change dramatically, by the way, thanks to BRICS nations rolling out a new world reserve currency to replace the dollar, but that's another article altogether. (The Saudis are shifting their loyalty to China while rejecting America. This will accelerate in 2023.)

Without oil and the petrodollar status being recognized by OPEC countries, the dollar loses its standing as the world reserve currency. Put another way, if hot fusion is allowed to replace hydrocarbon energy, dollar hegemony collapses and the US empire no longer wields its most powerful weapon for global coercion: The weaponized dollar currency (which is backed by nothing other than the threat of international terror from the United States and its military... just ask the citizens of Libya or Iraq).

This is why hot fusion has been deliberately suppressed for around two decades. But the technology has been quietly developed and perfected... even patented, years before this week's announcements.

Lockheed Martin's patent US20180047462A1 for a compact hot fusion reactor that fits on a tractor trailer

In 2018, weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin patented a compact hot fusion reactor. You can see the patent here. This invention was covered by TheDrive.com (and other news publishers), which stated the invention has been pursued quietly:

Lockheed Martin has quietly obtained a patent associated with its design for a potentially revolutionary compact fusion reactor, or CFR. If this project has been progressing on schedule, the company could debut a prototype system that size of shipping container, but capable of powering a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier or 80,000 homes, sometime in the next year or so.

That was in 2018. It is now four years later, and you can rest assured that many functioning prototypes already exist. Thus, when CNBC claimed this week that "humankind" has never before achieved over-unity hot fusion, they are just printing what they're told to print by the intelligence agencies. The average person has no clue that this technology exists, and sadly, many mainstream "journalists" are scientifically illiterate and therefore incapable of even understanding how this tech works and what its implications might be for the world. The alt media has the smartest people, which is probably why you're reading this.

Here's a video that Lockheed Martin released in 2014, touting its hot fusion tech nearly a decade ago:

From the video:

"The world already does forty gigawatts of gas turbines a year. The gas line going into that gas turbine? We're going to replace that with a heat exchanger coming off our fusion reactor. We basically use the gas turbine infrastructure... and we ship fusion-powered turbine plants around the world."

That hot fusion heat, by the way, can be generated right now with cold fusion heat. We'll get to cold fusion a bit later, but first, it's critical that you understand the dynamic between hot fusion, affordable food and population growth.

Globalists know that cheap energy results in a global population explosion

Agriculture is energy intensive. Modern monoculture food production is really just one kind of expression of oil energy, converted into something edible. Cheap energy leads to cheap food, and cheap food leads to a population explosion.

This population explosion is exactly what the powers that be do not want to see take place at the moment, as they're busy finding ways to reduce the global population by billions through mRNA infertility injections, engineered famine, energy infrastructure dismantling, releasing bioweapons and unleashing weather weapons that cause crop failures. That's why they want energy to be scarce and expensive, which perfectly explains why they are deliberately dismantling the world's energy infrastructure by cancelling pipelines, sabotaging Nord Stream, ending drilling permits, banning oil from Russia and otherwise wreaking havoc on the fossil fuel energy infrastructure.

No, this does not contradict what I stated earlier. The petrodollar status is critical for US dominance across the world, but fossil fuel infrastructure destruction allows the same US government to succeed at domestic control through engineered scarcity. Effectively, the regime seeks energy abundance globally but energy scarcity domestically.

This also explains why they have promoted wind and solar energy: These are very inefficient and expensive energy systems that are also difficult to scale. Right now, the UK is complaining about a "wind drought" that's causing wind farms to sit useless, and solar power is of course weakened by the global dimming effects of volcanoes as well as clouds, rain and -- most of all -- night. A "green" future will never be possible with full reliance on wind and solar, but it is readily possible when you throw hot fusion or cold fusion (LENR) into the mix for the simple reason that both forms of fusion generate excess power 24/7, regardless of the wind or the sun. In addition, both hot and cold fusion can be readily scaled to meet surges in power demand (more on that later) and neither one produces carbon emissions nor radioactive waste.

Engineered scarcity of all resources is the ultimate weapon of globalism

So, to review, hot fusion technology has been around for many years. It has been suppressed in order to force the world into a scarcity-based oil economy system which is reliant on transactions dominated by the US dollar (Bretton Woods agreement / petrodollar status) which gives the US empire its exclusive power to print money, export inflation to the world and use both the dollar and oil scarcity to terrorize the planet and destroy any nation that doesn't go along with the program.

The introduction of cheap hot fusion energy will topple the oil economy and eventually destroy dollar dominance, leaving the US with no special advantage in the world's geopolitical chess game. Importantly, it would also allow for large-scale desalination programs in Africa and other continents that could provide abundant, affordable irrigation water to dramatically increase global food production in developing nations by transforming deserts into farmlands. This takes away the "food as a weapon" scarcity model currently used by western nations to control the world through the threat of famine. Thus, even hot fusion energy had to be suppressed as long as possible in order to prevent food abundance from taking away political power from the US empire, which wields food scarcity as a weapon against other nations. (Weather weapons are part of this mix, as Dane Wigington from GeoengineeringWatch.org has exhaustively documented over the years.)

Remember: The global western cabal maintains its power due to engineered scarcity:

Food scarcity = Population control

Energy scarcity = Economic control

Knowledge scarcity (censorship) = Thought control

Put another way, abundance is the enemy of tyrants. And fusion power represents abundance.

Without these tools of engineered scarcity, the globalist cabal cannot maintain power. This is why attacks are ramping up on Twitter and Elon Musk, since Twitter can never be allowed to flourish as a free thinking platform that might educate people about energy, food, natural medicine and other subjects that lead to decentralized freedom and self-abundance.

Hot and cold fusion energy would strip power from the climate authoritarians

Another dynamic you need to understand -- explained more fully in my Situation Update podcast for today -- is that shifting to fusion energy would strip all remaining power from the green authoritarians for the simple reason that both hot and cold fusion technologies release no carbon. (They don't even produce radioactive waste, either, and they can't blow up like Chernobyl.)

The "carbon is a pollutant" myth has been wielded as a weapon to enact strict social engineering and control measures upon the people of the world. It is one of the pillars behind ESG scores which are used to force obedience and compliance among corporations and institutions of finance. Climate lockdowns -- another tyranny tool of globalism -- would be impossible to justify if consuming energy released no carbon. And the entire myth of global warming would collapse if the world switched to hot and cold fusion sources of energy. (Wind and solar industries would also largely collapse as they are obsolete compared to the reliability and scalability of cold and hot fusion.)

Without the threat of climate lockdowns and climate compliance, authoritarian regimes would lose yet another tool for social control and obedience enforcement. This is why they don't want a global transition to fusion energy to happen to quickly (even though it is a lot like trying to stop a high speed freight train...) However, as the transition inevitably takes place, globalist governments absolutely want to maintain control over fusion technology so they can decide who gets to benefit from it and from whom the tech must be withheld.

Understanding the basics of cold fusion (LENR)

The reason this story is labeled "exclusive" is because this author has special access to information about the LENR industry that is not yet publicly known, nor is it covered by the controlled corporate media. There are powerful, deep-pocketed forces at work right now launching the LENR industry into practical, real-world commercialization. The science is proven and the prototypes produce over-unity net energy gains that actually outpace the net energy increase of hot fusion.

For example, as described by CNBC.com in its coverage of hot fusion:

In the experiment on Dec. 5, about two megajoules (a unit of energy) went into the reaction and about three megajoules came out, said Marvin Adams, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs at the National Nuclear Security Administration. “A gain of 1.5,” Adams said.

Yet I am aware that LENR prototypes are currently showing 1.6 times net gains from inputs. This number is certain to go much higher, and efficiencies of 2-3 times inputs are readily achievable.

Granted, hot fusion deals with gigawatts while cold fusion is currently at the kilowatts scale, so we are talking about at least six orders of magnitude of difference in the current scale of these technologies, but cold fusion is (relatively) cheap and easy to construct, meaning it can be rapidly scaled in mere years instead of the decades required for hot fusion.

Cold fusion was first demonstrated in 1989 by Fleishman and Pons at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. It was quickly and viciously attacked by the same scientific community that more recently claimed masks and vaccines are all safe and effective. The goal was to destroy and discredit the entire cold fusion community and delay its introduction for decades while the US empire developed hot fusion tech that could be centralized and controlled (i.e. wielded as a weapon of control and engineered scarcity when desired).

The effort succeeded. Cold fusion was verboten for at least a decade, but research picked back up in the early 2000s and has accelerated ever since. To date, hundreds of laboratories around the world have replicated cold fusion experiments, including the United States Navy.

Anyone not yet understanding that cold fusion is real is simply ignorant of the state of the science. Cold fusion is as real as atomic elements. The phenomenon of cold fusion is a natural feature of the construct of the cosmos. It has merely been waiting to be understood and harnessed, like all energy-related discoveries in human history.

Interestingly, both hot and cold fusion require energy inputs, but they multiply those inputs into a net output gain by harnessing the laws of physics (fusion and the release of excess energy during the process). There are key differences between hot and cold fusion that are critical to understand, and these differences explain why governments and globalists ultimately want hot fusion to dominance the landscape, not cold fusion.

First, cold fusion is a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Hence the name LENR. The devices that generate cold fusion reactions can be built for mere thousands of dollars, rather than the billions of dollars required for hot fusion experiments. Thus, hot fusion is only achievable by very large corporations or governments, whereas cold fusion will ultimately be accessible by individuals and poor nations, meaning that governments will lose control over who has the technology and who doesn't.

Hot fusion requires centralized production in a large hot fusion generator, after which power is transmitted to customers via electrical transmission lines. Importantly, this allows governments to monitor and limit power usage by individual households or businesses, granting government both the power of energy surveillance and on-command energy scarcity. Homes will still need to be attached to the grid, in other words, and smart meters will still surveil private citizens over their power usage. Electric vehicles will have to be charged by plugging them into the grid, meaning vehicular transportation can also be controlled, tracked and limited.

Cold fusion, on the other hand, will eventually be formatted into HVAC-sized units which will generate a steady stream of power without being connected to any grid. They will be able to power homes and even electric vehicles (imagine a recharging station in your trunk that constantly recharges as you drive or park). They will power military vessels as well, and they can even (eventually) replace coal and nuclear fuel rods in power plants. (This process will take a couple of decades, but it is feasible.) Equipped into vehicles, cold fusion devices will allow vehicles to be constantly charged while they are driven or parked, with no cables or charging stations required whatsoever. This creates incredible potential for off-grid mobility and freedom of movement, which is something governments don't like.

Thus, cold fusion is decentralized energy which governments cannot easily monitor or control. This takes away yet another tool of social engineering and obedience enforcement against the citizens. This is why government regimes and globalists prefer that the world turns to hot fusion (centralized and very expensive to construct) rather than cold fusion (decentralized and cheap to build).

Cold fusion produces excess heat which can be turned into electrical current

Understand that cold fusion works by producing excess heat, not current flow. The heat can be used to heat water which is turned to steam to drive a turbine that generates alternating current electricity. This is how modern coal-fired power plants and nuclear plants operate, by the way. The cold fusion excess heat can also be used directly to heat buildings, greenhouses and homes. The heating of greenhouses is one simple way that cold fusion can amplify affordable food production, especially in European countries that rely heavily on heated greenhouses for spring crop production. (Those nations are currently suffering extreme energy scarcity and most greenhouse have been shut down as a result.)

Modern materials science breakthroughs allow heat to be directly converted into electric current. Such materials are known as thermoelectric materials, and they are currently able to convert anywhere from 15 to 40 percent of heat into electrical current.

Consider this article reported by NewAtlas.com in 2012, a full decade ago, describing such materials at 15 - 25 percent efficiency at the time:

Now researchers have developed a thermoelectric material they claim is the best in the world at converting waste heat into electricity, potentially providing a practical way to capture some of the energy that is currently lost.

The new material, which is based on the common semiconductor telluride, is environmentally stable and is expected to convert from 15 to 20 percent of waste heat to electricity. The research team, made up of chemists, material scientists and mechanical engineers from Northwestern University and Michigan State University, say the material exhibits a thermoelectric figure of merit (or “ZT”) of 2.2, which they claim is the highest reported to date.

In 2018, MIT researchers unveiled a "thermal resonator" that generates electricity directly from temperature fluctuations in the surrounding environment. From NaturalNews.com coverage of this breakthrough:

“It’s something that can sit on a desk and generate energy out of what seems like nothing,” explained Michael Strano, a chemical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“We are surrounded by temperature fluctuations of all different frequencies all of the time. These are an untapped source of energy,” he explained.

The 10-man research team published their findings in the journal Nature Communications. Their study was partly funded by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

The point is, LENR produces heat, and heat can be efficiently converted into electricity through a variety of methods (and those methods are gaining in efficiency each year). This means LENR (cold fusion) is good for more than just heating homes and military base buildings; it's a source of 24/7 electricity generation which, importantly, doesn't need the wind to blow or the sun to shine.

Once fully commercialized, an HVAC-sized LENR box can sit next to your home and generate electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while producing zero carbon emissions and zero radioactive waste. It does have consumables -- namely the mass of heavy hydrogen that's converted to energy -- but you'd be amazed at the tiny amount of mass that can power a typical household for a full year. (E=MC squared)

The consumable part that you might need to replace every year or two would be smaller than a toaster, and the actual mass consumed in a year would be (significantly) smaller than a peanut. Remember that the entire Hiroshima atomic explosion in World War II was achieved by no more than about 0.7 grams of matter (Uranium 235) being converted into energy. That's not a typo. You can see the math here.

A hot fusion breakthrough was allowed to be announced because cold fusion is about to be catapulted into commercial applications

Circling back to the promise of the headline here, hot fusion news is now allowed to be publicized because cold fusion commercialization is under way that is set to quickly cascade into a world of decentralized cold fusion heat producers and electricity generators. This effort is well under way, and some of the most connected people in America are already participating in this process. At this point, cold fusion is unstoppable, so hot fusion had to be allowed to leap into the space and try to take the steam out of cold fusion.

The corporate media won't talk about cold fusion (LENR), or if they do, they dismiss it as quackery in the same way they might utter derogatory statements about ivermectin or anti-cancer nutrients such as curcuminoids. The corporate media isn't interested in science, only in control. And when organic, grassroots cold fusion science threatens the pillars of the establishment, media lapdogs will do everything in their power to destroy the credibility of the fledgling industry before it grows into a size they can no longer suppress.

That's why you're about to see a series of media stories attacking cold fusion technology while promoting hot fusion. Remember, hot fusion scientists are the same kind of people who promoted covid vaccines as "safe and effective" and who are tied to the funding requirements of the National Science Foundation and other government bodies that determine who gets money (i.e. Fauci-type creatures). The world of hot fusion scientists is as corrupt and filled with falsehoods as the world of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, while the world of cold fusion is populated by rebels and renegades who are the kind of people that have historically transformed human civilization through real innovation and truth. Wright Brothers types, in other words.

Here's a handy reminder:

Cold fusion = Decentralized, grassroots, small-scale, pro-privacy, off grid, cheaper to build, easy to maintain, pro-liberty, pro-humanity, can power vehicles while driving, can power homes, boats, barges and many types of vehicles

Hot fusion = Centralized, government controlled, metered, surveiled, can be shut off, very expensive, highly complex, difficult to maintain, tied to the grid, pro-globalism, Big Government and Big (corrupt) Science, cannot power vehicles while driving because it requires a connection to the grid

The future of energy on our planet will be largely transitioned to fusion. That's a certainty. The only real question is whether we choose to kind of fusion that sets us free (cold fusion), or the kind that keeps us enslaved (hot fusion).

Guess which one the establishment wants to push?

To learn more about all this, listen to my Situation Update podcast:

- The real reason why HOT fusion breakthroughs are now allowed to be announced

- COLD fusion (LENR) is about to explode with investment and product offerings

- While cold fusion is DECENTRALIZED power, hot fusion is centralized and controlled

- Hot fusion requires users to be connected to the grid, where they can be monitored

- Cold fusion (LENR) will allow anyone to live entirely off grid and to recharge electric vehicles

- "Hybrid homes" will use a combination of LENR generators and high-efficiency batteries

- Both cold and hot fusion will result in cheaper energy, meaning cheaper FOOD

- Cheaper food means another population explosion

- This is why globalists are pushing rapid depopulation NOW, before energy and food get cheaper

- Copper prices set to skyrocket due to scarcity

- Electricity prices soar in the UK as cold weather arrives

- Update on FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, who was denied bail

- Binance withdrawals reach $3 billion in one day

- SBF charged with SEC violations and sued by CFTC

- SBF will likely be "suicided" by Feb. 7th to cover up Dem slush fund secrets

- SBF was arrested right before he could testify and expose the Dems for election finance fraud

- America has lost nearly an entire generation of young men to the crypto tulip bulb mania bubble

- Crypto is going through a DETOX phase to clean out the scammers and fraudsters

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