Jeffrey Prather talks about warfare, Afghanistan and false flag attacks – Brighteon.TV
09/15/2021 / By Ramon Tomey / Comments
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Jeffrey Prather talks about warfare, Afghanistan and false flag attacks – Brighteon.TV

Former intelligence operative Jeffrey Prather talks about the different generations of warfare in his Brighteon.TV program Prather Point. Prather elaborates how these concepts apply to current events such as the 9/11 terrorist attack and the Afghanistan pullout. Prather adds that false flag attacks are part of the latest generation of warfare to undermine the U.S.

In the Sept. 10 edition of his program, Prather defines the five generations of warfare as follows. The first generation involves troops lining up, such as Leonidas and his 300 Spartans and the Roman legionnaires. Second-generation warfare involves indirect fire such as artillery and long-range arrows being used in combat.

World War II brought about the rise of third-generation warfare, with modern technology coming into play. Armies funded by the modern economy and modern nation took center stage during this time.
The fourth generation of warfare – guerilla warfare – follows soon after. Communist leaders such as Mao Tse-Tung and Ho Chi Minh are masters of this concept, with Prather saying most U.S. generals are not. The Prather Point host adds that the first phase of guerrilla warfare involves centralizing and collectivizing the political base. He says the left has done this through the mainstream media, Antifa and corrupt Democratic lawmakers.

Now, Prather says the world is currently in the fifth generation of warfare that involves information and influence. He says the U.S. lost this war in China back in 2020. Quoting intelligence from Beijing, Prather adds that the U.S. being preoccupied with internal arguments is a crucial sign that it is “losing the human terrain.”


Furthermore, the former intelligence operative elaborates that the 9/11 terrorist attack is an example of ongoing fourth-generation warfare. “[That’s] a perfect example of third-world folks taking first-world technology and using it in fourth-generation warfare as improvised weaponry. That is, the planes as bombs,” Prather says.

He adds: “That’s still what’s going on. That has been repeated in China, Vietnam, Somalia [and] in Syria.” According to Prather, generals are unable to respond because they fail to understand the concept of guerrilla warfare – having been used to the first, second and third generations.

“Biden left them, but we will get them”

Prather also talked about the events in Afghanistan, specifically the suicide bombing outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. The attack by the Taliban killed 13 U.S. military service members, alongside many Afghans. He commemorated the American victims, saying: “When we fall, we rally and rise around our fallen. It didn’t end in Kabul because we remember our 13 [soldiers who died.]”

According to the Prather Point host, scores of westerners – including some Americans – have been able to fly out of Kabul. However, the total number of Americans who managed to flee and those who are still in the Afghan capital remain unknown as the State Department refuses to reveal the actual numbers.

However, Prather alleges that there is something sinister behind President Joe Biden’s seemingly incompetent response to the Afghanistan situation. “He bumbles because they like him to bumble, so it’s a cover for their evil plans,” he says. He continues: “I’ve talked about how giving up Bagram [Airfield and] … leaving all of the weaponry there was planned, … [even] flying in Afghan terrorists and military-aged male fighting folks.” (Related: Steel Truth: Arizona audit and Biden’s Bagram blunders – Brighteon.TV.)

Prather continues that the Deep State aims to destroy the U.S. with these nefarious plans “in concert with foreign nation-state enemies such as China.”

Prather also claims that the State Department and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki are “trying to take credit” for the efforts to rescue Americans still trapped in Kabul. He quotes veterans who claim the Deep State, through the “corrupt” State Department, is trying to stop the rescue operations. Prather adds that the Central Intelligence Agency, which he called “clowns in action,” plays a role in undermining the rescue operations in the Afghan capital. (Related: Melissa Redpill talks about how the fall of Afghanistan affects the globalist cabal – Brighteon.TV.)

Prather ultimately warns that the Deep State is probably setting people up for a false flag event. He mentions instances of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aiding in these plans and blocking investigations. These include the FBI flying in Israeli art students who were later involved in attacks before 9/11; former intelligence agent Tony Shaffer being blocked from investigating about Osama Bin Laden; and a former FBI agent who was told to “do something else” after trying to investigate the Muslim terrorists learning to fly aircraft but not to land them.

“You should be very much on alert [for false flag events] as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11,” he warns.

Watch the full episode of Prather Point here. has more articles about the Deep State’s plan to decimate the U.S. through Biden’s seeming incompetence.

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