20 Surprising uses for zip ties, a bug-out bag essential
05/24/2021 / By Divina Ramirez / Comments
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20 Surprising uses for zip ties, a bug-out bag essential

Preppers and homesteaders should have at least one bag of zip ties in their homes at all times. Though made of plastic, zip ties are incredibly versatile as they can be used both in everyday life and in survival situations. They belong in your bug-out bag (BOB) or camping gear as much as they do in your kitchen or garage.

Below are 20 surprising uses for zip ties at home and on the field:

1. Secure tomato stems to stakes – Tomato plants need to be planted with stakes for support. Otherwise, the tomatoes would weigh the stems down, causing them to bend or break. For better support, secure tomato stems to stakes with zip ties. This technique will also work on sunflowers.

2. Guide climbing plants on a trellis – You can guide your climbing plants to grow in a certain direction by using zip ties as a guide.

3. Seal a leaky garden hose – Stop a water leak by tying a zip tie around the faucet, just a few centimeters above where the water flows out.

4. Hang up garden tools – Remove clutter in your tool shed by hanging up your garden tools with zip ties.

5. Fix a broken chain link fence – Chain link fences are great for keeping out wildlife from the garden or homestead. Zip ties make a great temporary fix for a broken chain link fence. You can also use zip ties to reinforce the links if necessary. Here are other tips for repairing a chain-link fence.

6. Repair broken chicken coop wires – Broken or worn chicken coop wires can cause scratches and eye injuries to your chickens. Use zip ties to fix broken chicken coop wires temporarily.

7. Organize wires and cords – Use small zip ties to secure important cords and wires. Keeping cords and wires organized allows you to easily pull one out when you need it without having to untangle them first.

8. Replace weed wacker string – Zip ties can also be used to replace weed wacker string. They are much more durable and inexpensive than the real thing.

9. Secure patio furniture cushions – If the straps on your patio furniture are not strong enough to keep cushions allows in place during windy days, try zip ties.

10. Secure storage bin lids – If you frequently lose storage bin lids, secure them with zip ties. Just punch two holes on the lid and bin and slip the zip ties through for makeshift hinges.

11. Secure gear onto a hiking backpack – If your BOB or camping bag is full, you can attach more gear onto the straps themselves with the help of zip ties.

12. Seal bags of potting soil – Potting soil typically comes in large bags that are difficult to close back up. But if left open, potting soil can dry out. Close your bags of potting soil with some zip ties.

13. Secure floral arrangements – Keep your floral arrangements looking full by loosely tying a zip tie around the stems of your flowers.

14. Organize Christmas lights – Christmas lights and outdoor lighting can become a tangled mess when not properly rolled up and stored. Zip ties can help keep them neatly stored away.

15. Secure flashcards – Flashcards are a great learning aid for young children. But they are also very easy to lose. For easier cleanup, punch a hole on one corner of each card, then slip a zip tie into the hole.

16. Fix broken basketball or soccer goal netting – Zip ties can also secure worn basketball or soccer goal netting in place until you can buy a replacement.

17. Handcuff an intruder – You can also use zip ties as makeshift handcuffs in case of an intruder.

18. Childproof cabinets – If you have guests with children coming over, you can temporarily childproof any cabinet by securing them with zip ties.

19. Hang other tools – You can also use zip ties to hang household tools like the broom, dustpan and mop.

20. Hang bug zappers – Keep mosquitoes away by hanging bug zappers near your porch with zip ties. (Related: The most effective (and natural) ways to repel bugs.)

Zip ties are cheap, versatile tools you should have in your home for repairs and DIY projects or in your BOB when SHTF. Keep a bag of heavy-duty ones in your BOB, in the kitchen and your garage or tool shed.

Learn more about survival uses for zip ties at Survival.news.

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