LISTEN as Health Ranger talks to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about America, prosperity and hope in Jesus
04/30/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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LISTEN as Health Ranger talks to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about America, prosperity and hope in Jesus

One of the most censored men in America right now, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently took the time to talk to the Health Ranger about the current state of our country under Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny.

Lindell is being not only censored but also mocked for taking a stand against election fraud, defending President Donald Trump, and more recently, coming out as a Christian.

During the segment – listen below – Lindell shares with the Health Ranger how talk show host Jimmy Kimmel devoted an entire bit on Kimmel’s late-night show to mocking him for his beliefs.

Lindell also discussed what he describes as a spiritual battle of good versus evil taking place all around us in society. Much of it currently centers around the push to get everyone “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), using force or coercion if necessary.

“We’re living in the most amazing time in history, at least in 2,000 years,” Lindell told the Health Ranger. “This is a spiritual battle.”

Lindell: People are looking for hope and that hope is Jesus

Lindell has been fighting the good fight, at great expense to himself, in an effort to save this country from being taken over by the communists. The more God is removed from society, he says, the easier it becomes for the communists to achieve their goal.

As many were over the past several months, Lindell and his company got banned from Twitter for talking about the fraudulent 2020 election online. This is a big no-no now that Beijing Biden is in charge.


Lindell was also censored by Newsmax during a post-election broadcast, prompting him to storm out of the studio in disgust.

Thankfully, Lindell is a fighter who does not give up easily. He also has thick skin and does not seem to care what losers like Jimmy Kimmel think about him – this being a necessary trait in order to rise above today’s toxic cancel-culture environment.

Unless they take him out completely, Lindell has no plans to stop what he is doing and will continue to make appearances whenever he is given the opportunity.

Lindell admits that he is not the best spokesperson for freedom as he is not the greatest orator. He believes, however, that God chose him to take a stand now that this country has reached a critical juncture concerning its future.

“With God all things are possible,” Lindell says about his newfound lot in life. “I give God the glory and everyone, if they can see by my story the miracles, everyone has a calling.”

An “ex-crackhead,” as he describes himself, Lindell recognizes that God often uses the lowly in society to do his bidding. While Lindell is now a success story with a thriving company, it certainly did not start out that way.

By embracing what he believes God called him to do, however, Lindell has reached great heights, even being invited to the White House to sit at the same table with Trump to discuss important matters relevant to our time.

“People are looking for hope and that hope is Jesus,” Lindell says.

Lindell actually started a faith-based treatment group called the Lindell Recovery Network that helps people struggling with addiction to find hope in Jesus, rather than the false secular “hope” that the world offers.

“What a great man and an awesome patriot,” wrote a commenter at Brighteon about Lindell and his inspirational message.

“I have bought pillows and sheets as well,” wrote another about Lindell’s company. “His products are awesome.”

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