BLM rioters invaded the Oklahoma Capitol. No one is being accused of insurrection
04/29/2021 / By News Editors / Comments
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BLM rioters invaded the Oklahoma Capitol. No one is being accused of insurrection

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors invaded the Oklahoma Capitol while the state House of Representatives was in session. They were, ostensibly, rioting against new Republican-authored bills protecting law enforcement and victims of violent riots.

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The protestors, chanting “Black Lives Matter”, filled a fifth floor gallery and disrupted the Oklahoma House of Representatives session being conducted in the chamber below. The House was forced into lockdown due to the disturbance. To date, no one in the media has accused the BLM rioters of being “violent insurrectionists,” in stark contrast to a handful of rioters – from a group of hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators – on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol.

A video clip shows one male protestor practically nose-to-nose with a lawmaker in the gallery, the two of them having what seemed to be a “heated verbal confrontation” until the aggressive man was pulled away by a female fellow protestor, at which point the man called, “You’re a disgrace, you’re an embarrassment to the whole f—ing nation!”

Other protestors joined in with shouted accusations and insults of their own (even while some started to leave), including a woman who yelled, “You are traitors, insurrectionists, seditionists!”

Oklahoma Highway Patrol eventually escorted the protestors from the building and a “drug dog” was taken through the House gallery to ensure that nothing had been “left behind.”

The disturbance was orchestrated, according to activists, to protest what they called “anti-protest and anti-transgender bills” advancing through Oklahoma’s majority-Republican House and Senate.

One bill “creates a misdemeanor for unlawfully obstructing traffic while participating in a riot,” according to Fox News. The bill further adds criminal and civil liability protections “for motor vehicle operators who unintentionally cause injury or death to an individual participating in a riot under certain circumstances,” according to the Oklahoma legislature. Organizations involved with those “participating in riots or unlawful assemblies” would also be penalized by the bill.  Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt approved this bill on Wednesday.

The governor also signed a bill into law making it criminal to dox law enforcement and other public officials “by publishing their personal information online” on Wednesday.  The bill “makes it a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine for an individual with the ‘intent to threaten, intimidate or harass,’ to use an ‘electronic communication device to knowingly publish, post or otherwise make publicly available personally identifiable information of a peace officer or public official’ and result ‘in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury.’”


Finally, protestors objected to a third Republican-authored bill meant to prohibit biological males who identify as transgenders from playing on female athletic teams, since biological men have a “competitive advantage” over biological women.

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