Accuser says Jeffrey Epstein’s NY mansion had a secret ‘media room’ used to record bedrooms and bathrooms
11/25/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Accuser says Jeffrey Epstein’s NY mansion had a secret ‘media room’ used to record bedrooms and bathrooms

One of the conspiracy theories about recently deceased serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein regarding the manner in which he became so wealthy is that he was actually running a very high-class blackmail operation in which he would lure powerful men into his ‘lair’ where they would have sexual relations with underage girls.

According to a July 2019 report in New York Magazine following Epstein’s most recent arrest, “the question of where the well-connected onetime society fixture actually made his money has cropped up repeatedly.”

Thomas Volscho, a sociology professor at the College of Staten Island who was researching and writing a book on Epstein, told the magazine, “I think he’s engaged in blackmail. The reason I think this is that I read the Palm Beach police report when they did the search warrant.”

Also, Volscho noted, “some of his victims, like Virginia Roberts, in her court filings, said that Epstein remarked to her that ‘information is king,’ and mentioned that Bill Clinton was there because ‘he owes me a favor.’”

That theory could also help explain how Epstein died under such mysterious and unlikely conditions while in custody  at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City in August (two guards have now been charged with conspiracy and falsifying jail records to cover for the death).

In any event, new evidence surfaced last week that would support the ‘blackmail’ theory.

According to Maria Farmer, who alleged in a CBS News interview Friday that she was abused by Epstein when she was an aspiring 26-year-old model in 1996, claimed that guests were secretly videoed in every bedroom and bathroom in his NYC home. (Related: Epstein cover-up is final nail in the coffin for any last shred of credibility in mainstream media.)

She also notes that Epstein’s home was under constant video surveillance.

“The main thing he did when I walked in and thought was interesting, he showed me where the men monitoring everything were,” Farmer told co-host Anthony Mason. 

“So if you’re facing the house, there’s a window on the right that’s barred — that’s the room, the ‘media room’ is what he called it,” she continued. 

“And so there was a door that looked like an invisible door with all this limestone and everything and you push it and you go in and I saw all the cameras,” Farmer noted.

‘I am never going to sleep here’

She also recalled how there were televisions stacked on on top of each other.

“What it was – was like old televisions basically, like stacked,” she added. “They were monitors inside this cabinet and there were men sitting here and I looked on the cameras and I saw toilet, toilet, bed, bed, toilet, bed.

“And I was like I’m never going to use the restroom here and I am never going to sleep here,” Farmer noted. 

She’s not the only one who has accused the late pedophile of having his place wired for video (and sound). Lady Victoria Hervey, an ex-girlfriend of Britain’s Prince Andrew, who just retired from public life and who was known to have frequented parties in the company of Epstein, told Good Morning Britain, “I actually didn’t come across any of the other girls staying at the apartments but I felt uncomfortable staying there.

“I cut my trip short and felt I was being watched, there were hidden cameras and I left after about 10 days and moved in with a friend of mine,” she said.

Finally, ABC News correspondent Amy Robach had all of this information three years ago, but her network killed it because Bill Clinton, the Democrat, was implicated as a ‘regular’ of Epstein’s.

“It was unbelievable… We had — Clinton, we had everything,” she continued.

“We had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew. The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways,” Robach added. 

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