Twitter now banning accounts that attempt to track violence against POTUS Trump supporters
05/08/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Twitter now banning accounts that attempt to track violence against POTUS Trump supporters

When Donald Trump declared his intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination in June 2015, everyone laughed because they instantly assumed that the billionaire real estate developer and then-reality TV host wasn’t serious.

But soon after he jumped into a crowded Republican field, Trump began to take a commanding lead in the polls. And shortly thereafter — perhaps because they feared he could actually win the GOP nomination, if not the White House — the Left-wing Democrat Party began to brand him a racist and a bigot because he promoted a “big, beautiful wall” to keep out illegal aliens.

That branding became a cause and from that cause sprang violent Marxist groups like Antifa, whose members would stalk Trump campaign rallies and commit acts of violence against his supporters.

Those acts of violence never subsided after Trump became president; they continue to this day.

Jack Posobiec, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer and current host at the One America News Network, began documenting Leftist violence against supporters of the president by starting an account on Twitter called @Magaphobia.

But now that account has been deleted by Twitter — banned — for…some reason. 

As of this writing, Posobiec hasn’t been given a reason as to why Jack Dorsey’s speech Nazis took down his account. It’s possible it was taken down for showing acts of ‘violence,’ but that doesn’t seem logical given that Posobiec was only documenting acts of violence, not advocating it.

No, it’s more likely that Twitter’s Left-wing censors just didn’t want other users to see how frequently their Marxists brothers and sisters commit acts of overt violence against people they simply disagree with politically.

And political violence or, more specifically violence committed on behalf of achieving a specified political outcome, used to be the definition of terrorism. So technically, couldn’t Jack Dorsey’s speech Nazis now be considered accessories to acts of terrorism? 

This violence will only get worse

There’s no question that if Trump supporters and conservatives in general were wailing against supporters of [insert Democratic candidate/nominee here] the coverage by the garbage establishment media would be wall-to-wall. But by refusing to report on Posobiac’s account ban, a reasonable person could conclude that the garbage media are accessories to acts of terrorism, if not outright co-conspirators. 

How bad is the violence, really? Did Posobiec really even need an account to document it? Well, conservative pundit, columnist, and radio talk host Larry Elder told Fox News host Tucker Carlson two months ago that even wearing an iconic red “MAGA” hat in Los Angeles — which is still part of the United States — “is asking to get hit in the face.” (Related: POLL: America on the verge of civil war, and neither side is backing down.)

Elder recounted how he asked listeners to call in to one of his programs during the 2016 campaign with stories about what happened to them or their vehicles if they wore Trump gear or had a pro-Trump campaign sticker on their vehicles.

“I asked whether or not you had a Hillary [Clinton] sticker or a Trump sticker, and everybody who called up, who made a complaint, had a Trump sticker,” he said. “Not a single person who had a ‘Hillary’ sticker reported that he or she had his or her car defaced.”

Granted, that’s not a scientific study, but it goes to the point that anti-Trump violence is prevalent in many parts of the country. As Elder says, the Left doesn’t just view Trump supporters as wrong, “they view them as evil” so they can justify violence against them.

What’s more, it’s only going to get worse as the 2020 campaign ramps up. And that will especially be the case if it looks as though POTUS Trump will win reelection (as it already does). 

Read more about the angry liberal mob violence against Trump supporters at and

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