Crazy leftists celebrate Islamic “Burka Barbie” as symbol of feminism – Watch at
03/31/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Crazy leftists celebrate Islamic “Burka Barbie” as symbol of feminism – Watch at

Comedy, as explained by renowned comedian Owen Benjamin, has long been the “balancing counterweight of society.” But ever since leftists took it over and turned it into a propaganda tool for spreading leftist lunacy, the world has basically spiraled into a dystopian, totalitarian nightmare.

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, available at, Jones and Owen discuss how leftists have basically become a parody of themselves at this point, celebrating things like “Burka Barbie,” covered in black and restricted from doing basically everything, which has become a new symbol of “feminism.”

“Burka Barbie is not allowed to drive a car, and where are the feminists on this?” says Jones, bantering with Benjamin about how the lunatic left apparently sees nothing wrong with Islamic oppression, regarding it as “freedom.” Meanwhile, actual freedom, as promoted by conservatives, is decried by the left as “oppression.”

Like Jones, Benjamin has officially been removed from social media for “hate speech,” simply for pointing out the hypocrisy of the left using witty comedy.

“I had about 125,000 Twitter followers … and I was banned for life from Twitter on the same day that I was kicked off YouTube for live-streaming because of my criticizing of David Hogg in a funny tweet,” Benjamin states during the segment.

“And I did this one tweet where it had all the late-night comedians, and I said everybody here endorsed Hillary Clinton and they have the same stance on everything: ladies and gentlemen, comedy. And it got about 50,000 re-tweets, and it ruffled so many feathers that I think that put the mark on me.”


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Cognitive dissonance has turned leftists into totalitarian monsters

What’s interesting about Benjamin’s story is that he was once highly regarded by many establishment “gatekeepers,” as he calls them, having appeared on all sorts of shows and network, including Comedy Central, TBS, and even network television. But once he crossed them using comedy, it was all over.

“I had already made fun of the establishment comedians, and I had been approved by so many of” them, he says.

“I do these funny PSAs where, ‘it’s time to give our guns to Hitler.’ Where it just shows the irony, the cognitive dissonance of the Left, that they just don’t see how funny it is, and I think that’s why they took over comedy because comedy is always the Achilles Heel of totalitarianism because you just point out the emperor having no clothes. Like, they’re saying Donald Trump is Hitler, now give your guns to Hitler.”

Islam is also off-limits to the left, which has no problem with endless mockery of Christianity, but would never dare to say a word against the religion of Muhammed the prophet. Benjamin once joked about the ironic nature of leftist worship of Islam, stating that “it’s time to submit to tolerance” – this being a jab at the religion’s many intolerant tenets.

“You know, even the language they’re using is so ironic that it’s hysterical, and that’s what scares them, and that’s why they need comedians to all just be propagandists at this point and not be the balancing counterweight of society,” he says, pointing out all that’s been lost in society as a consequence of political correctness.

“It’s a godless, state-driven religion,” he adds about the prevailing leftist mindset in today’s world. “They’re trying to make a priest class (themselves), a class of people that won’t be taken down for doing the very things that they tell us” we can’t do.

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