Slate goes genocidal, says ALL white people of Australia are to blame for mass murder, echoes Third Reich calls for exterminating an entire culture of human beings
03/20/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Slate goes genocidal, says ALL white people of Australia are to blame for mass murder, echoes Third Reich calls for exterminating an entire culture of human beings

Well, that didn’t take long.

In the span of three days, a white Australian writer with that Left-wing hate factory Slate has gone from pinning the blame for the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand on the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, who’s also an Australian, to blaming herself and every other white person in her country.

“I’m a white Australian,” Rachel Withers writes in a piece titled, The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians. “I know that blaming myself and my cohort is illogical, but I can’t escape the feeling that all of white Australia is implicated in the deaths—a white majority that has fomented and let foment hate.”

The subhead to her piece is, “Shame and apology is not enough in confronting our country’s virulent racism.”

Withers continues:

Who is responsible for the terrorist attack that killed at least 50 New Zealanders as they prayed in their mosques? Looked at one way, the answer is simple: The shooter alone bears the guilt for his crimes. But the picture is wider than that.

Predictably, she then moves to blame the usual ‘suspects’ — President Donald Trump, his former adviser Steve Bannon, and current adviser Stephen Miller, none of whom are from Down Under — before heaping a lot more pain, guilt, and blame on people she doesn’t know, has never met, and would probably get along with if she had: All whites in Australia.

Her ‘logic’ follows along this path: For years whites in her country have fostered or practiced racism against the native Aboriginals. Any white who ever dared to question immigration policies is racist. The “original sin” of Australia was when whites took over the continent from the natives who inhabited it. (Related: College Leftists now claim the New Zealand attack means NOBODY can ever criticize Muslims ever again, including Chelsea Clinton.)


And so on. 

For the Left, there can never be any resolving the ‘original sin’ of being white

Does that sound familiar? It should; these are the same talking points spewed by the anti-American Left. Withers notes:

We are a nation born of shame. A white-majority Australia exists only as the result of a genocidal invasion—another irony missed by Tarrant (and Trump) in his rants about invasion. It’s an original sin the country has recently grappled with: In 2008, the nation officially apologized to Indigenous Australians for its extreme mistreatment of them, in particular the horrendous policy of taking Indigenous children from their families—“a great stain [on] the nation’s soul,” said the prime minister at the time.

But what has become clear is that the shame—and the apologies—are no longer enough.

No longer enough? When will white Australians born in this age and time be able to apologize enough for what happened in earlier centuries? 

What’s the magic number, Ms. Withers? Is there even an acceptable number of apologies? And if not, then what, pray tell, are white Australians to do next — give the land back to the Aboriginals, like American Leftists believe we should do for our own Native-born? Pass more “equality” laws? Provide native Australians with more benefits? Government largess? Opportunities? 

Haven’t those things already been done? What more is left?

The fact is, according to Tarrant’s own manifesto, he wasn’t radicalized by what was going on in his own country. The “invasion” of mostly Middle Eastern migrants he referenced in his diatribe were those streaming into European countries, not Australia. 

The fact is his mind was open to radicalization. It wouldn’t have mattered on what global map grid the radicalization took place; it was going to happen.

Is that the fault of every white person in the world? Every white Australian? 


This business of the Left equating a country’s immigration policies and ancient history with current acts of terrorism is not just a stretch, it’s an imaginary bridge. Hate exists. It always will, unfortunately. There is nothing we can do to eradicate it no matter how many laws we pass or apologies we issue. 

Besides, how irrational is it to accuse an entire ethnic or religious group of hatred and intolerance while complaining about hatred and intolerance?

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