America STOLEN: Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens
03/19/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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America STOLEN: Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens

Citing one example after another, conservatives have been complaining about voter fraud for years — fraud that, strangely, always seemed to have benefited Democrats.

Now, the head of government monitor Judicial Watch (JW) says he believes that “at least 900,000 illegal aliens” voted in the 2016 election, vindicating POTUS Donald Trump’s concerns shortly after his inauguration that “voter fraud” occurred.

In a video interview, JW President Tom Fitton said that new figures from Texas and Pennsylvania indicate that foreign nationals have been casting ballots in U.S. elections.

“Voter integrity is a big issue for Judicial Watch,” Fitton says. “We have this election integrity project and federal law allows individuals and groups like Judicial Watch who are aggrieved to sue states over their failure to take reasonable steps to clean up their election rolls.”

Fitton said his organization has found that in states like California, there are more people on voter registration rolls than are eligible to vote, which simply screams fraud.

He said his organization has successfully sued Ohio and won a settlement, as well as Indiana where officials complied with JW’s demands to bring an end to the suit.


But vote fraud is vote fraud, and Fitton made it clear that Judicial Watch’s work is non-partisan.

“Kentucky was one of the worst states, believe it or not,” Fitton continued. “A Republican-controlled state, largely. Had more people on their rolls than were eligible to vote.”

How do states end up with more people on voter rolls than are able to vote? 

“People move away who are still on the rolls, or dead people are still on the rolls,” he said. “And it’s my view that dirty voting rolls can lead to dirty elections.” (Related: Thanks to Democrat vote fraud and election tampering, trust in our entire system is collapsing — which is what they want.)

Nationwide, the problem is profound. Thanks to the great investigatory work by JW lawyers and staff, the group has discovered that there are 3.5 million more people on voter registration rolls than are able or eligible to actually cast ballots. Of those, about 1.56 million are in Los Angeles County. 

The problem is multifaceted, but the DoJ is nowhere to be found

“So we sued Los Angeles County and California over that massive problem and they settled,” Fitton said. “They agreed to remove more than 1.56 million inactive names — these are names that shouldn’t be there — off the rolls over the next few years.

“So we’ve cut the problem almost in half just with that one successful settlement,” Fitton continued.

That said, new information from Texas reveals that as many as 100,000 illegal aliens are currently registered to vote, and of those, perhaps as many as 60,000 may have voted in recent elections. “And that’s in one state,” said the JW boss, who added that an additional 11,000 illegals were on voting rolls in Pennsylvania.

Fitton noted that millions of people come to the U.S. every year — legally and illegally — for various reasons. And the fact is, a percentage of them will not only register to vote but go on to cast ballots in large enough numbers to influence elections.

As for the 2016 election, Fitton says he believes, based on extrapolation data and estimates, that as many as 1.2 million illegal aliens voted, “80 percent of which tend to vote Democrat, so Hillary Clinton got 80 percent of those votes.” (Related: Yes, voter fraud is real and yes, Democrats are behind it: Leftists caught funding illegal voting ring in Texas.)

In the 2018 midterms, given overall turnout, Fitton said, “I estimate at least 900,000 aliens unlawfully voted…”

“When you see the Texas numbers first and then the Pennsylvania numbers, the Justice Department’s got to get on the ball and investigate what’s going on,” Fitton added.

Asked if the DoJ was doing anything at all about the problem, Fitton responded, “Not that I’m aware of.”

Meanwhile, the 2020 election approaches.

Read more about vote fraud and how illegal aliens mostly vote Democrat a and

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