Kids got 11 vaccines in 1986 and 53 in 2017… why? The answer is all about Big Pharma profits
03/10/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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Kids got 11 vaccines in 1986 and 53 in 2017… why? The answer is all about Big Pharma profits

A bombshell video snippet from Del Bigtree (see below) dares to ask the all-important question: Why have the number of vaccines given to children skyrocketed over the last three decades?

The answer may shock you. In 1986, Congress passed a law granting legal immunity to vaccine manufacturer, but only for vaccines on the childhood immunization schedule. Since then, vaccine makers have worked to push as many vaccines as possible onto that schedule for the sole purpose of enjoying legal immunity from lawsuits for faulty products and vaccine damage.

Thus, children have become a “dumping ground” for faulty vaccines that are manufactured with near-zero quality control measures because forcing those vaccines onto the childhood immunization schedule grants Big Pharma corporations legal immunity from lawsuits.

The skyrocketing number of vaccines now given to children, in other words, has nothing to do with science or medicine. It has everything to do with maximizing profits and shielding vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits for all the millions of children their products continue to maim and kill.

Del Bigtree explains more in this Brighteon video that has been banned across all the tech giants and social media sites:

Where to learn more about vaccine awareness

With the tech giants now banning all truthful information about vaccine ingredients, vaccine injury and vaccine awareness, where do you go to learn the truth about vaccines? See the sources below, and listen to this important podcast about why the tech companies are essentially declaring that no human opinions will be allowed on controversial topics, including vaccines, cancer, GMOs, fluoride, 5G cell towers, geoengineering and more.


Learn the truth at: – This is the top independent media source for vaccine truth breaking news, published daily. – The National Vaccine Information Center, publishes stories about vaccine legislation and the push for mandatory vaccines. – The non-profit led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense seeks to expose the true science behind vaccines, mercury and the aluminum poisoning of children. – A cutting-edge vaccine truth news site, featuring bombshell articles and reports from scientists. – The free-speech-friendly alternative to YouTube, welcoming vaccine truth videos and natural health topics.

“Vaccines and Vaccination” channel on – Now featuring 300+ videos about vaccines and vaccinations, this is becoming one of the top video channels on the internet about vaccine awareness. – An alternative to Google News, features breaking news headlines from websites that are censored by the tech giants. All stories are updated in near-real time.

Also see this video of Sen. Rand Paul blasting the dishonest science behind mandatory vaccines:


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