It has come to this, deny, defy, deceive, evade, resist, smuggle, defend
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It has come to this, deny, defy, deceive, evade, resist, smuggle, defend

I have been involved with Armed Civil Disobedience since 1994. My home state decided to pass their own version of the federal “assault weapons ban” that did not have a 2004 sunset provision. It was then expanded in 2013 also to include a whole set of draconian new gun laws. Once the government changes the rules to make you a felon today for what was legal yesterday, then what does another paper felony mean? NOTHING!

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The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance works when the following principles are followed: Deny-Defy-Deceive-Evade-Resist-Smuggle-Defend

1). DENY – Deny the ownership of any weapons or other survival gear you may have, except to your MOST TRUSTED family members or friends. Even then, it should be on a “need to know” basis. The days of opening up a gun safe to show off what you have are long gone.

2). DEFY – tell the government where to stick it by ignoring the unconstitutional intolerable acts they continue to pass into law. When they make you a felon by the stroke of a pen, because what you have done legally in the past they don’t like is now illegal, just defy them. It has been demonstrated over and over that Armed Civil Disobedience frightens them into inaction.

2). DECEIVE – Take whatever measures necessary to secure your property. Never fill out any “state” paperwork if you can. Private transactions are just that; PRIVATE!

3). EVADE – Stay clear of law enforcement. Move “banned” property, or any future banned property to a secure location. Subterranean mono vaults work quite well. Exercise your 4th and 5th Amendment Rights at all times. All questions by LEO’s should only be answered by or in the presence of an attorney.


4). RESIST – Resist the efforts of the tyrants in their efforts to “registrate” and confiscate. Show up at rallies and demonstrations. Call and write your politicians. Vote the bastards out of office, and feel free to maintain “traitors lists” containing the names and full contact info (including home address) of those traitors that want to strip your rights. Make sure the tyrants know the list exists.

5). SMUGGLE – Travel to free states and buy whatever you want and can. Firearms are tougher to do, unless it is a private sale. Magazines, ammo, blades, supplies, etc. Bring it back to your forbidden zone and stash it. Buy extra to distribute. Make anonymous YouTube videos of your activities and post them. Some smuggling efforts, depending on where you live, require you to cross multiple forbidden zones. It just adds to the fun!

6). DEFEND – This is the newest addition. Be committed to the fact that if the tyrants ever get froggy enough to try forced confiscation, you will meet force with force. When the body count on both sides gets intolerable, maybe this shit will stop. Maybe. Follow the III% Catechism #3 that states “No First Use of Force.” Just like at the Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775, let the tyrants bring the force and let them fire first. After that, feel free to unleash whatever Hell you are capable of. Once you start you must see it through until; 1) They are all dead, 2) You are all dead, 3) You are out of ammo. Please be prepared enough, so number 3 does not happen, because it will undoubtedly mean number 2.

Many people accuse like-minded folks such as myself as keyboard warriors that will fold as soon as the tyrant’s knock comes at the door (if they knock at all). Fine, go ahead…keep thinking that way. My, won’t they be surprised how violent and effective the III% will be. After the tyrants and their henchmen have been subdued, their vocal supporters may find themselves being treated to a one-way ticket to the gallows as well.

One more thought; during the eight years of Obummer, I could not imagine worse assaults against our Second Amendment rights. Now that the Demo-Craps have the House, they are quite emboldened, and no longer hiding behind lies like “no one wants to take your guns.”

~ Witold Pilecki

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