University students berate cops for arresting armed robbery suspects who fled to campus, screaming, “abolish the police” and “disarm the pigs”
02/26/2019 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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University students berate cops for arresting armed robbery suspects who fled to campus, screaming, “abolish the police” and “disarm the pigs”

Today’s college and university campuses really have become insulated bubbles of extreme, Left-wing snowflake-ism, as evidenced by the unbelievable reaction of students attending The University of Chicago to police officers who recently apprehended and detained three armed black men that tried to flee police custody on school grounds.

Rather than thank these law enforcement officers for bravely risking their own lives to protect UChicago students and faculty from potentially being harmed or killed by these armed robbery suspects, several students instead took to social media to complain about the incident, calling for all police officers to be “disarmed” and “abolished.”

“[T]here were militarized cops (literally carrying assault rifles) crawling all over campus looking for armed, african-american men,” tweeted one disgruntled UChicago student. “a black student couldv’e worn a striped shirt (like one of the robbers)… reached for a phone at the wrong time… etc. and could have been shot. Anywho … disarm / abolish the police,” the tweet concluded.

Another UChicago student immediately politicized the incident, complaining in a tweet that now “we’re gonna have to listen to c*llege r*publicans talk about how this proves we need more cops.”

Another UChicago student, obviously unaware of the irony of such a response, stated in a response to questioning by The College Fix that, “We should arm the working class, (and) disarm the pigs” – pigs, of course, being a derogatory reference to police officers.


In the comment section of an article by The College Fix about the whole fiasco, a commenter by the name of Brian Ward said it best in response to the above comment:

“They’re absolutely right. I’d even go so far as to say that the right to do so should be enshrined in writing, possibly even in some form of Bill…,” referring, of course, to the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which already does allow for the “working class” to be armed, just like everyone else in America.

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College students today are so coddled and detached from reality that they can’t even appreciate when law enforcement protects them from being violently assaulted or murdered

One would think that the rapid response of law enforcement to this violent threat on the UChicago campus would warrant some level of thankfulness from students – or, at the very least, cause them to remain silent if they couldn’t think of anything nice or appreciative to say. But this apparently is no longer the case at this, and likely many other, center(s) of higher indoctrination throughout America, where even honest acts of goodwill by police are now considered to be “oppression.”

Would these UChicago students complaining about being protected by police officers rather have been shot to death by the three black thugs? Would that have been the appropriate outcome, here, so as not to offend the snowflakes who apparently can’t even tolerate the sight of our armed boys in blue, even when they’re there to prevent horrific acts of violence?

Keep in mind that as they were being pursued by police, the three suspects had been approaching a building on campus, which they presumably were planning to enter. Since the suspects were armed, UChicago students could have ended up being held hostage by them, or there could have been a deadly mass shooting – all of which was prevented by the quick action of Chicago police, who arrested the suspects before they had the chance to commit even worse crimes.

“Let’s face it: Good guys with guns stand as the only thing that insulates the University of Chicago from the Windy City mayhem that exists just outside its boundaries,” writes Matthew Pinna for The College Fix. “Yet some allegedly intelligent UChicago students have utterly no clue at all.”

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