Feminists demanded equality; now all women may be required to register for the military draft and serve in future wars
02/26/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Feminists demanded equality; now all women may be required to register for the military draft and serve in future wars

It’s certainly true that American feminists don’t speak for all American women, but you know what they say about squeaky wheels and grease: The louder you are, the more attention you get.

And so it is with feminists. They have been shrieking from the rooftops for so long that they demand ‘equality’ in all things and in every part of American society that they are finally getting their wish.

The trouble is, they’re taking all women with them, even if they don’t want to go.

Case in point: The feminist equality movement has evolved to the point where there is now serious consideration being given to requiring women to register for the draft.

Because men have to.

As PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil reports, a men’s organization has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the current men-only requirement for draft registration through the Selective Service System is unconstitutional.

And so far at least one federal court agrees.

Last week a federal judge in Texas ruled in a suit filed by the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) that the SSS violates the Constitution’s prohibitions against discrimination in that in only requires men to register for a military draft.

In an interview with O’Neil, a lawyer for the NCFM, Marc Angelucci, said if SSS appeals the decision, it is likely to lose again because the discrimination is patently obvious. What’s more, Congress isn’t likely to pass legislation overturning the current registration requirement for men, so that means women will, at some point, be required to register as well. (Related: Navy bureaucrats set to put women in Marine combat roles despite evidence that they aren’t a good fit.)


“The male-only registration requirement of the Military Selective Service Act … violates the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” U.S. District Judge Gray H. Miller ruled.

For now, Gray’s ruling won’t change the way the Pentagon operates. The Defense Department still will only require men to register. Also, an 11-member commission that Congress appointed is due to report on the issue of including women in the draft next year.

Hey women, you can blame Obama for this one, too

“The court ruling itself changes nothing as far as the commission is concerned,” Joe Heck, a former Army general and currently serving congressman who chairs the National Commission for Military, National and Public Service, said, according to USA Today.

The paper noted further that requiring women to register for the draft is only one possible outcome of the court battle. It’s possible that Congress could end the requirement that men register as well, though that doesn’t seem likely given the fact that Russia and China are rising threats.

Regardless of Angelucci’s prediction that SSS will lose an appeal, Justice Department spokeswoman Kelly Laco said the government won’t have much of a choice but to defend an act of Congress. Gray is a member of the Fifth Circuit, and that appeals court is in New Orleans.

But wait — didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court decide in 1981 that excluding women from the draft was okay? Yes; in Rostker v. Goldberg, the high court ruled that since there were no combat positions open to women then Congress’ requirement that only men register was deemed reasonable. In his ruling, Miller said facts have changed.

“In the nearly four decades since Rostker, however, women’s opportunities in the military have expanded dramatically,” he wrote. “In 2013, the Department of Defense officially lifted the ban on women in combat. In 2015, the Department of Defense lifted all gender-based restrictions. Thus, women are now eligible for all military service roles, including combat positions.”

So in other words, women, blame Barack Obama’s liberalism and bowing to feminist demands.

The law in question is the Military Selective Service Act; Congress would have to modify it to comply with a federal court’s findings if Miller’s ruling remains or if it is upheld on appeal.

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