PREDICTION: Jussie Smollett will confess, then blame “racist America” for driving him to fake his own hate crime, TRIPLING down on being the “victim”
02/19/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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PREDICTION: Jussie Smollett will confess, then blame “racist America” for driving him to fake his own hate crime, TRIPLING down on being the “victim”

If you’re not yet familiar with the Jussie Smollett fiasco, Guy Benson from PJ Media sums it up best:

The Jussie Smollett “hate crime” saga appears to be reaching its pitiful denouement.  Chicago Police are now requesting a follow-up interview with the Empire actor, following the confession of Smollett’s alleged accomplices.  A pair of Nigerian brothers, at least one of whom has known ties to the so-called “victim” and his television show, have reportedly told authorities that Smollett paid them to stage an attack.  Officials confronted the pair with evidence of their purchase of rope and red baseball caps, prompting them to point the finger back at Smollett, claiming that he even requested a dry run-style “rehearsal” of the phony assault.  Smollett’s camp released an indignant statement insisting that he’s still a victim, stating that he had no idea his attackers were known to him.  Shortly thereafter, Smollett parted ways with his lawyer and obtained a new legal team.

We’ve been following this case closely, and it is now apparent to me how the final chapter of all this is going to play out.

Sooner or later, Smollett will be charged by either the Chicago PD or possible even the U.S. Dept. of Justice, related to the mailed threat letter that hasn’t been widely reported by the media yet. There’s no question in my mind that law enforcement authorities already have sufficient evidence to charge Smollett. It’s only a matter of time before it happens.


Once Smollett is charged, he will almost certainly try to play the “sympathy race card” by publicly confessing to staging the whole thing. Importantly, this public confession will be paired with a tripling down on self-victimization: Smollett, I predict, will blame Trump for “making me do it.”

Listen to my full podcast for more details:

Prediction: Smollett will blame Trump, saying, “Look what you made me do!”

See, Jussie Smollett is like millions of other indoctrinated young adults in America today: They’ve all been trained how to be expert victims. In college, they learn victimhood and “social justice” victimization. Then they all watched Colin Kaepernick play the victim as an NFL quarterback and reportedly receive a multi-million dollar payout.

Victimology is now the specialty of the deranged, delusional Left. These are people who don’t know how to create economic abundance, run a business in a sustainable way or produce anything of value for society. Instead, they become experts in victimhood, and they play the victim card to its fullest.

Victimhood is the currency of the lunatic Left. The more someone can make themselves look like a victim, the more they are celebrated and praised as a courageous hero of society. Just look at the media circus surrounding Smollett’s staged “hate crimes.” It made him an instant celebrity among the gullible Left, and especially among the Hollywood lunatics who don’t even remember how to fact check anything before running with their desperate narratives.

That’s why I predict Smollett will blame Trump for making him fake his own hate crime. Yes, you read that correctly: It’s all going to be Trump’s fault, you see.

If Trump wasn’t such a mean racist, the narrative will explain, Smollett wouldn’t have had to fake the hate crime in the first place. It’s Trump’s fault, and besides, we’ll be told, the intention of Smollett was good, since he’s only trying to expose the MAGA hat-wearing hatred that everybody on the Left is convinced exists everywhere anyway.

It’s the Rolling Stone defense: Yes, the Rolling Stone faked a whole series of articles about campus rape, but since they did it to “expose” the campus rape that they claim was happening anyway, it’s all good. To the fact-challenged Left Cult, it never matters whether any facts are present to support their assertions or beliefs… all the matters is that the right stories are being told, regardless of whether they’re really true.

Remember “Hands up, don’t shoot?” Never happened. Complete fiction.

Remember Elizabeth Warren claiming to be a “woman of color?” Total fiction, and it turns out to be such an embarrassment that even she renounced her own claim and apologized to Native Americans.

Remember the media frenzy surrounding the accusations against the Duke University LaCrosse team members in 2006? The entire thing was a hoax, yet nearly every left-wing media outlet had pronounced the white boys guilty without any evidence whatsoever.

As it turns out, nearly all the so-called “hate crimes” in America are actually staged hoaxes. Here’s a list of 17 campus hate crimes that were hoaxed in 2017 alone. There are hundreds more across 2018 and 2019 (so far).

The only real hate crimes in America are the ones that deranged Leftists fabricate to “keep the hate alive”

In fact, it turns out there are hardly any real hate crimes in America aside from the very real (and very violent) attacks on Trump supporters. Antifa’s violence is real, in other words. But all the supposed white supremacy violence against black people on the streets of America is almost entirely fiction.

Think about it: America has become a country with such great opportunities for people of color that they actually have to hire black people to pretend to be white people to stage a hate crime hoax. If racism were really so rampant and so real, they wouldn’t have to hire anybody at all, because the attacks would be frequent and organic.


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