California not only has needles, trash and feces across its cities; the same filth is now appearing across SoCal beaches
02/11/2019 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
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California not only has needles, trash and feces across its cities; the same filth is now appearing across SoCal beaches

California used to be known for its beautiful cities and landscapes, but it seems liberal ideologies have turned the “Golden State” into the “Garbage State.” While Californian cities have long been mocked for their street-pooping problems, the coastal state is now seeing its beaches destroyed by waves of refuse and human waste.

Home to eight of the ten most polluted cities in the U.S, California seems to be getting more uninhabitable by the day. As one of the nation’s most deeply blue states, California’s garbage problem is almost funny — if it weren’t for the fact that liberals are clearly destroying the planet they pretend to protect. California cities have come under fire in the past for filthy conditions and human waste problems, but it seems these issues are now spreading to other areas of the state.

SoCal beaches are swimming in filth

After recent rains, residents of Southern California say that many nearby beaches are covered in all kinds of refuse. Dirty diapers, used syringes and old furniture are just some of the waste seen on the shores. As KTLA reports, the piles of trash are coming from storm drains along the San Gabriel River.

The mouth of the river opens up into the ocean, allowing whatever garbage to float freely right onto the beach. And it’s happening all the time.

Seal Beach resident Jamison Delfino told KTLA, a local television station, “Every time it rains there’s just tons and tons of trash … anything you can think of.”

Delfino stated further that she doesn’t even go in the water anymore because of all the pollution.


Multiple organizations, such as Surfrider Foundation and Save Our Beach, reportedly host events to help keep the beaches clean. But clearly, the beaches are not the problem — pollution from storm water is.

If dirty diapers from storm water drains are ending up in the ocean, it’s not by osmosis — its because careless people didn’t dispose of their waste properly.

For a state that prides itself on being a leader in environmentalism, the amount of pollution in California is truly astounding. As has happened time and time again, left-wing policies have likely made the state’s pollution problems worse.

Whether its making poverty worse, or bad environmental laws, liberal policies consistently fail to produce the promised results.

Liberal policies fail

While liberals love to pat themselves on the back for their “progressive” policies, the proof is always in the pudding — and in California, there really isn’t any pudding to be had.

Many of the policies pushed into place by overzealous politicians have done nothing but hurt the people of California and the surrounding environment. Last year, reports revealed that irresponsible planning and bad environmental policies that prevented healthy tree clearing practices were substantial contributors to California’s wildfire crises.

Experts say that the “hands off” approach to forest management doesn’t work; without logging, grazing and management, wildfires are practically imminent.

Californians cheered for millions of dollars to be spent on electric vehicle subsidies, while the residents of Los Angeles destroyed over 50 percent of the city’s green space in under 10 years.

Indeed, it would seem that liberal politicians are all for talking about doing things to help the environment. But, they are more interested in increasing government power through regulations and taxes and nailing the right “talking points” than achieving actual results.

San Francisco, the street poop capital of the United States, is living proof that ideology should never come before reality. San Fran politicians have blamed high cost of living and other issues for the plague of homelessness, dirty needles and human excrement overtaking city streets — but who is going to admit California’s ill-conceived policies have created these issues?

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