The masses can VOTE their way into socialism, but you always end up having to SHOOT your way out of it
02/02/2019 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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The masses can VOTE their way into socialism, but you always end up having to SHOOT your way out of it

Like war, getting into socialism is always much easier than getting out of it. But also like war, humans tend to romanticize what socialism’s really like when they’ve never experienced it. 

That may change if any one of the declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidates win the White House or if one likely-to-run Independent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, does. 

Sen. Kamala Harris of California is one such Democrat who, early on anyway, has already become a favorite of the Leftist “mainstream” media (MSM). Not only does she ‘check several boxes’ deemed important for the party’s extremist wing — she’s a minority, born to immigrant parents, a woman, and much younger than most other declared Democratic candidates, she is also wedded to the party’s newly adopted socialist/Marxist economic model. (Related: 2020 Dem candidate Kamala Harris says ‘assault weapons’ don’t belong in ‘civil society’ — but infanticide is okay?)

If she gets her way, for instance, she’d repeal portions of the GOP’s 2017 tax reform bill that would take away benefits for anyone earning more than $100,000 — which, in many parts of the country isn’t anything at all like being “wealthy.” 

You’ll have to shoot your way out of socialism

Specifically, she is proposing offering a refundable tax credit of $6,000 to married couples earning $60,000; single filers earning $30k per year and single parents making $80k would get $3,000, but then the credit begins phasing out. Single filers making $50k per year and single parents earning $100k annually would get nothing back. And again, she pays for this by taking away from ‘rich’ folks earning a hundred grand. 

That’s the allure of socialism: The promise of payola at someone else’s expense. 

As we’re seeing play out in Venezuela, it’s easy to vote socialism in, but you’ve got to shoot your way out of it. 

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