Anti-gun fascist tyrant David Hogg now resorting to EXTORTION demands targeting gun manufacturers
08/30/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Anti-gun fascist tyrant David Hogg now resorting to EXTORTION demands targeting gun manufacturers

False flag crisis actor and infamous gun control twerp David Hogg is desperately trying to claw his way back into the news cycle with new threats of extortion against American firearms manufacturers.

Reports indicate that Hogg recently held a protest at the headquarters of Smith & Wesson in Massachusetts, where he demanded that the gun manufacturer donate $5 million annually to leftist anti-gun efforts, or else be “destroyed.”

Hogg, the beady-eyed icon of the “March for Our Lives” anti-gun movement, was joined by about 100 others who helped him whine and scream about how gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson should be willing to hand over millions of dollars against their own interests in support of abolishing the Second Amendment.

“We will destroy you by using the two things you fear most. Love and economics :)” Hogg tweeted on August 26, followed by the words, “see you soon.”

David Hogg knows nothing of love or economics

It isn’t immediately clear what Hogg means by “love” or “economics” in his tweet, seeing as how this Hitler Youth-wannabe and unabashed fascist has shown nothing but disdain for everyone who disagrees with him, as well as complete disregard for American jobs, in his quest to dismantle a fundamental human right outlined in the United States Constitution.

Smith & Wesson, which has been around since 1852, currently has about 1,700 employees, many of whom would presumably be out of a job were Hogg to get his way. Smith & Wesson has also been lauded by a number of industrial trade groups over the years for its major contributions to the state economy of Massachusetts.


The company also already has a “rich legacy of supporting philanthropic efforts in the community throughout the decades,” including its conversion to “green” energy technologies like solar that have set a positive example for the rest of the commonwealth.

David Hogg is an attention hound who actually believes that threats of extortion will keep him in the spotlight

In all truth, it appears that ol’ Hoggwash is kind of upset that he hasn’t been in the mainstream news cycle for a while. So, being the spoiled, infantile little brat that he is, he’s now attempting to seize the spotlight once again using petulant threats of extortion against one of America’s oldest and most established manufacturing companies.

It’s not going to work, of course, and only proves that this son of an FBI agent is little more than a virtue-signaling puppet shill who’s desperate for attention and fame. He could even be on the “deep state” payroll as he continues to prostitute himself as the poster boy for the leftist anti-gun agenda.

What Hogg is making clear here is that he will not be eclipsed by other news, including the 96 percent of Google search results for “Trump” that have absolutely nothing good to say about the President. Hogg clearly believes that he can capture at least a few of these percentage points by threatening to extort a respected gun manufacturer.

Hogg and his ilk are the real fascists

This is precisely the kind of thing that happened in Nazi Germany prior to the extermination of millions of human lives. It was Hitler, you may recall, who also used children like Hogg to push for the disarmament of the German people, stripping them of their means of self-defense before shoveling their bodies into ovens.

This makes Hogg a tried-and-true fascist and, “high schooler” or not, a certifiable enemy of the American Republic. Hogg’s rhetoric is foolish by all accounts, but it’s also dangerous, embodying the new-wave left and its totalitarian tendencies.

“The Whitney Houston song about letting the children lead the way wasn’t actually an operating paradigm for life,” reads a now-deleted post by Jesse Hughes, lead singer of the Eagles of Death metal band, referring to David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and the rest of the March for Our Lives circus puppets.

“And when the truth doesn’t line up with your bulls**t narrative, just hold your breath and stamp your feet and refuse to accept it,” he added.

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