David Hogg is a foul-mouthed tyrant-in-training… and he wants to run for Congress to use government force to take away your guns
08/27/2018 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
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David Hogg is a foul-mouthed tyrant-in-training… and he wants to run for Congress to use government force to take away your guns

David Hogg, the 18-year-old Parkland, Fla. gun control activist, has announced his plans to one day run for Congress. Hogg has been one of the most vocal students in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February and has been leading calls for more gun control ever since. Now, Hogg seems to believe he’s destined to be remembered throughout history. Combined with his political aspirations to “take control,” it seems like Hogg’s dreams of making history could be freedom’s worst nightmare.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine‘s Lisa Miller, Hogg waxed poetic about his plans for the future. “I think I’ve come to that conclusion. I want to be at least part of the change in Congress,” he stated.

Destiny calls for David Hogg

Miller also recalled something Hogg said, just ten days after the Parkland school shooting: “We really only remember a few hundred people, if that many, out of the billions that have ever lived.”

Hogg opined further, “Is that what I was destined to become?”

The teenage tyrant says he’s got a seven-year plan, and intends on running for Congress when he turns 25. But only if he can shove older, career Democrats out of the way first. “Older Democrats just won’t move the f— off the plate and let us take control. [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi is old,” Hogg told the magazine writer.

While Pelosi herself has reportedly declined to comment on Hogg’s statement, many of the teen’s supporters have expressed their anger over his foul remarks. Other activists have lambasted Hogg for being “ageist,” “mysogenistic” and “arrogant.”


Hogg also told Miller that he hopes to work on a presidential campaign come 2020, claiming that some potential candidates already have him in their sights.

The road to tyranny begins

Between Hogg’s delusions of grandeur and his stance on guns, it’s clear that the teenager is already a tyrant-in-training. Just a few days ago, Hogg took part in March for Our Lives. The 50-mile march on Smith and Wesson took place in Massachusetts, and ended with a protest in front of the company’s Springfield, MA office.

So now, not only is the NRA responsible for gun violence, but so are gun manufacturers?

“We believe that Smith and Wesson can take their company in a new direction. We’re hoping they can become a leader in the industry in terms of gun manufacturers being on the side of violence prevention,” says Jack Torres, one of the march’s organizers.

What, exactly, these activists expect Smith and Wesson to do in order to prevent gun violence, is never articulated. The fact of the matter is that Smith and Wesson is not responsible for what someone does after they purchase a gun. You don’t see Moms Against Drunk Driving protesting car manufacturers for a reason.

This is a huge problem in our politically engaged youth: They call for “change,” but what changes they’d like to see are never divulged.

Earlier this year, David Hogg complained about the increased security presence at his school following the shooting. Students were also required to wear clear backpacks, which he claims violates the students’ “rights” to self-expression and privacy.

“It’s unnecessary, it’s embarrassing for a lot of the students and it makes them feel isolated and separated from the rest of American school culture where they’re having essentially their First Amendment rights infringed upon because they can’t freely wear whatever backpack they want regardless of what it is,” Hogg stated.

“It has to be a clear backpack. What we should have is just more policies that make sure that these students are feeling safe and secure in their schools and not like they’re being fought against like it’s a prison.”

Hogg clearly misses the contradictory nature of his complaints: He calls for more policies to ensure safety, but then complains about the fact that the school did exactly that.

Hogg and his fellow gun-grabbers won’t be happy until the Second Amendment has been completely dismantled. Keep up with new developments in the fight to protect our right to bear arms at Guns.news.

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