“Hillary Clinton killed my friends,” reveals former Navy Seal – watch at Brighteon.com
08/26/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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“Hillary Clinton killed my friends,” reveals former Navy Seal – watch at Brighteon.com

A flashback from before the 2016 presidential election reveals that our nation’s military was not looking forward to potentially having to serve under a President Hillary Clinton. Thankfully she lost; but before she did, a former Navy Seal by the name of Tej Gill did his part to help ensure that the Clinton Family Crime Cartel was not allowed to once again go anywhere near the White House.

During a segment that aired on Fox News at the time, a video clip of which is available at Brighteon.com, Gill, a former Navy Seal who was mentored by Tyrone Woods and who room-mated with CIA contractor Glen Doherty in Afghanistan – both Woods and Doherty were murdered during the infamous Benghazi scandal – talked about his “Hillary Clinton killed my friends” initiative.

Woods and Doherty were close friends of Gill’s, and he’s fully convinced that Hillary Clinton was responsible for their deaths. That’s why he started Project War Path, a 100 percent combat veteran owned and operated company that sells Black Rifle Coffee, as well as t-shirts and bumper stickers that bear the phrase, “Hillary Clinton killed my friends.”

Be sure to check out ProjectWarPath.com and lend your support by purchasing some of their coffee or other merchandise.

Gill explains how then-Secretary of State Clinton should have provided better security at the consulate where the terrorist raid occurred, resulting in the deaths of four brave American patriots, including both Woods and Doherty.

“The consulate was ultimately her responsibility, and the security at the consulate was poor at best,” Gill stated during the interview on the Fox & Friends program.


“The terrorists literally pushed the gate in, opened it, and walked in. The security there was local security. They weren’t trained, they weren’t vetted, they didn’t have American supervisors. They just threw down their guns and walked away when the attacks started. So my friends down the street at the CIA annex, they had to rescue the State Department folks ,and they lost their lives that night when they were in the fight of their life.”

Most people seem to agree: Hillary Clinton is an anti-American criminal who betrayed our servicemen in Benghazi and heartlessly left them for dead

When questioned as to the perceivably “controversial” nature of these t-shirts and bumper stickers, Gill explained that everyone he’s heard from has given positive feedback. Contrary to the media’s claims that hordes of Americans support Hillary Clinton, it appears that the vast majority of America can’t stand her, and fully agrees that she left our servicemen out on the lurch to die because of her corruption and evil.

“We’ve had nothing but positive feedback inside and outside of the Seal community,” Gill stated. “Everywhere we go, everyone that wears them – we get nothing but positive feedback, thumbs up, great t-shirt, you know, did you serve? Where can I get one. People love them.”

Gill also revealed that the military had a very negative view of Clinton going into the election. Almost nobody wanted to serve underneath her in the event that she was able to hijack the election as planned. It’s now clear that America at large didn’t want her, either, and that the Republic really dodged a bullet by averting another horrendous Clinton presidency.

“They don’t want to do it, but you know they will,” Gill responded when asked about how the Navy Seals planned to respond in the event that Clinton was installed into the presidency.

Be sure to watch the interview between Tej Gill and Fox & Friends at Brighteon.com.

You can also keep up with the latest liberal whining, bellyaching, and rage over the Trump presidency by visiting LiberalMob.com.

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