FAKE NEWS: CNN report about DNC cyber attack turns out to be completely false
08/26/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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FAKE NEWS: CNN report about DNC cyber attack turns out to be completely false

Proving once again that fact-checking isn’t a part of its reporting standards, fake news outlet CNN was recently caught publishing a story about a “sophisticated attempt to hack into [the Democratic National Committee] voter database” that was quickly identified as false.

What actually happened was that a “simulated phishing test” was discovered by a cybersecurity firm known as Lookout, whose co-founder, John Hering, is a Democrat himself who has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to both the DNC and to Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign for the presidency.

But CNN was quick to publish fake news about the made-up incident, presumably because it supports the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory that the Left continues to propagate as we approach the upcoming midterm elections.

It was actually the DNC that first handed off the fake news both to CNN and to the FBI, apparently unaware of the fact that Lookout had been conducting cyber attack tests. But the job of any credible news outlet is to verify information before publishing it, which CNN clearly didn’t do.

“Update: The Democratic National Committee said late Wednesday that what it had earlier feared was the beginning of a sophisticated attempt to hack into its voter database, was, in fact, an unauthorized ‘simulated phishing test,'” CNN put in an update to its original fake news article.

Michigan Democratic Party requested the “unauthorized” test

But even this “update” contains false information, as it was the DNC’s own people in Michigan who apparently requested that the test be conducted. According to Michael Kan, a reporter from PCMag, the Michigan Democratic Party had asked a third party group to conduct the test, meaning it was quite as “unauthorized” as CNN and the DNC are claiming.


“Source familiar with the matter says the Michigan Democratic Party asked a third party to conduct a ‘simulated phishing test’ on the voter database but without authorization from the DNC,” Kan tweeted on August 22.

When Lookout first discovered the test, it, too, failed to check with NGP VAN, the third party that conducted the test, before jumping to conclusions and involving both the FBI and CNN in creating a fake news scandal.

NGP VAN founder was chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign

What’s further hilarious, and quite embarrassing, for all of the leftist groups involved is that NGP VAN founder, Nathaniel Pearlman, is actually the former chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign – its “VoteBuilder” software having been specifically designed for Democratic candidates to track and analyzed voter information in order to “microtarget” certain demographics.

In other words, the Democrats basically “attacked” themselves here, without even knowing it. And in typical form, CNN was quick to blame “the Russians!” for trying to steal “another” election – spreading even more fake news in an attempt to deceive its viewers.

CNN has done this type of thing many, many times, including when it published a fake news report falsely alleging that President Trump had secret ties to a Russian investment fund.

An alleged “source” had apparently told CNN that the Senate intelligence committees were investigating these allegations, which specifically implicated Jared Kushner and the head of a prominent Russian bank. But none of the allegations ended up being true – and CNN knew it at the time, but published the fake news story anyway in order to push its anti-American agenda.

CNN is also celebrating the elimination of real news by Big Tech with its censorship of personalities and platforms that offer different perspectives on world events – making CNN an enemy of the American people.

For more news on the shady tactics of the lying mainstream media, be sure to check out NewsFakes.com.

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