Facebook de-platforms Alex Jones but allows huge assortment of pro-terrorist filth to persist across its platform
08/10/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Facebook de-platforms Alex Jones but allows huge assortment of pro-terrorist filth to persist across its platform

The best example yet that Infowars founder Alex Jones was becoming too worrisome for the Leftist Deep State and its sycophantic media and tech allies is evidenced by the ferocity with which they are going after him and his business.

Leftists always reveal who they’re most frightened by: It’s the conservatives and libertarians they fear most.

That explains why establishment media led by CNN and the social media giants led by Facebook are working frantically to deep-six Jones’ media empire – through bans, censorship, and de-platforming.

And they appear not to care how hypocritical they look in the process.

On Monday in what appeared to be a well-coordinated effort, Facebook – along with YouTube, Spotify, and Apple – removed Jones’ audio and video files and pages, claiming that his speech is simply “too hateful” for the public forum. So far, Twitter appears to be the lone social media holdout, but it’s anyone’s guess how long Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and CEO, will take the abuse that is surely coming his way (from his own platform no doubt).

And yet, for all the “hate” Jones is allegedly spreading, how much more hateful can you get than to espouse and embrace terrorism?

The Gateway Pundit noted this week after Jones was deplatformed by Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site plays host to all sorts of hate – terrorist hate.

For instance, though Jones is too offensive for Face, the Communist FARC terrorists hailing from Colombia are just fine to them. FARC – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – began as a guerrilla movement in the mid-1960s and grew into an anti-government armed force responsible for nearly five decades of murder and torture. In 2002 the U.S. government considered the group “drug-trafficking ‘terrorists,’” Reuters reported.


And while Jones is too outrageous for Facebook, apparently Zuckerberg’s censors are just ducky with Palestinian Fatah having a page with 120,000 “likes.” Like other Palestinian organizations, this one advocates for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, while often promoting female terrorists and suicide bombers, The Gateway Pundit noted. The group considers nothing off-limits if it drives “occupying” Israel off of territory that has never belonged to them.

Free speech doesn’t call for groupthink

Moving closer to home, Facebook also allows Antifa organizations to keep their pages, such as this one, which openly advocates violence not against real “fascists” (because that would the Antifa thugs), but against Americans who are conservatives and who happen to support POTUS Donald Trump. These groups claim to be against “hate” but are the biggest haters currently in the political arena. They are the ones who advocate fascist, Nazi-like practices like using violence to shut down free speech. They are domestic terrorists. (Related: Banned by YouTube and Facebook, InfoWars videos are now available on Brighteon.com.)

But don’t take word for it, take it from the Obama-era FBI and Department of Homeland Security: FBI and DHS began likening the actions of Antifa thugs at Trump campaign events to “domestic terrorism.”

And apparently, all of this is okay with Facebook and the other social media platforms. But Alex Jones offering different viewpoints and analysis of current events – outside the box stuff that few others are thinking about or considering – that’s “hate” speech and it must go.

The speech Nazis who are supportive of Facebook, Apple and Google need to realize that the founders did not adopt the First Amendment’s speech protections just to foster and promote groupthink. They understood that part of being truly free meant that Americans must have the unlimited right to offer any point of view, even to the point of being offensive. The First Amendment protects speech, it doesn’t protect feelings.

Alex Jones hasn’t changed his approach or his style much in all the years he’s been doing radio and TV. What changed was his effectiveness and reach, both of which were growing.

The Deep State Left feared that, so it was time to shut him down.

Whoever is cheering this, be forewarned: If they can do it to Jones, they can do it to you, too – and likely will someday.

And neither Jones nor anyone else who dared speak out will be around to defend you.

Read more about Facebook’s censorship at Censorship.news.

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