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It seems like lies, propaganda and other acts of mass deception are all that fill the airwaves today. Across the board, extremism is taking over — whether it’s the mainstream media reporting on fiction instead of facts, or tech giants like Google and Facebook actively suppressing truth and pushing propaganda, it’s clear that the forces of the Left-wing are warring against reality in pursuit of their own agendas.

There is no shortage of reasons to question the “reality” being fed to us through Facebook feeds and legacy news outlets. In many ways, technology is an amazing thing: If you have a question, you can simply type it into a search engine and find your answer — without even having to leave the comfort of your couch. But, therein lies the problem, as well. Everything you see, hear and read within the confines of digital networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Google has gone through an extensive filtering process. Ultimately, you only see what these tyrants want you to see, and know only what they want you to know.

At, you can easily access coverage of stories the “powers that be” are keeping under wraps. Where others fail, the independent media rages on to fight against censorship and for the  preservation of freedom. While the mainstream media may drop the ball, independent journalism keeps tabs on government lies, industry scams and other acts of deceit, which are all actively reported on, and whistleblowers and other activists are given their due.

Propaganda is everywhere

Earlier this year, a U.S. government official actually admitted during a Council on Foreign Relations conference that governments use propaganda to control their constituents. Richard Stengel, a former high-level U.S. government official, head of the office for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the State Department from 2013 to 2016, and regular commentator on MSNBC, declared that governments have a responsibility to spread propaganda to better control political conversation.

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“Basically, every country creates their own narrative story and, you know, my old job at the State Department was what people used to joke as the ‘chief propagandist’ job,” Stengel said at the event.

“We haven’t talked about propaganda… I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population, and I don’t necessarily think it’s that awful,” he added further.

You can find propaganda all across the mainstream media these days; look no further than the completely fake “family separation” photo that was pushed across the entire left-wing media for proof of that. The photo in question has since been completely debunked as a phony photo used as pro-illegal immigrant propaganda by feckless media pundits.

Social engineering at play

And what good is propaganda without social media networks and tech companies to push it? With the help of Facebook and Google (and other giants like YouTube), propaganda has quickly become the only form of “news” many people see. And when you control what people see, you can influence how they think.

Social media networks like Facebook thrive on the echo chamber effect, and slowly but surely, their algorithms can secretly work to sway your opinions in their favor. Simply by eliminating opposing ideas, what you believe are your own thoughts can become the direct result of someone else’s opinions. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid becoming part of the herd.

While the globalists push towards world domination and a completely subservient population, maintaining skepticism and even a degree of dissidence is essential to keeping tyranny at bay.

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