Blacks then, Trumpers Now – How the insane, bigoted LEFT treats pro-Trump Americans like a sub-human class of animals
06/29/2018 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
Blacks then, Trumpers Now – How the insane, bigoted LEFT treats pro-Trump Americans like a sub-human class of animals

There was a time not long ago in America when blacks couldn’t visit restaurants, bathrooms, public parks, gas stations, car sales lots, or shopping malls without being harassed, degraded and even accosted. In 1944 Irene Morgan was ejected from a bus in Virginia for being black and sitting in the “wrong” row of seats. Lunch counter “sit-ins” began in 1960 where blacks attempted to simply eat at “white only” restaurants in peace, without being harassed, screamed at, or kicked out by an angry mob of white racists. America had to enact the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — spearheaded by Republicans — to legally end segregation at businesses selling food, gas, lodging and even entertainment to the public.

Today, the Liberals and Leftists who decry “tolerance” at every opportunity are now screaming obscenities and threatening violent acts at anyone who supports President Trump, works for him, talks about him positively, or even wears a “MAGA” hat, t-shirt or brands a bumper sticker.

People who are eating dinner peacefully at a restaurant or attending a show at a theater are being treated inhumanely by violent, hot-headed bigots who literally claim to support human rights. Even the political leaders, top journalists and broadcasters of the Left crave violence, promote it, and fail to apologize for their vile comments and actions. They instead double down and triple down on their support of hatred that’s spewed out in the name of anything “anti-Trump.” Patriotism in America is now a dirty word and a dirty practice, according to the insane Left. Their new Civil War has already begun.


If you support Trump today, you are treated as less-than-human. You are treated the same way blacks were treated in America only 60 years ago. You are treated this way by people of all color from the Left, including certain blacks, like Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters. It seems as though another Civil War has begun, except this time it looks like it’s the Left versus the Right, and the Right is legally fully armed and ready (with survival kits and their sanity), while the Left is too busy arguing over which gendered bathroom to use and whether or not someone’s tweet is politically correct.

Will schools, restaurants and churches soon be separated for Democrats and Republicans?

Do Democrats want school segregation again? Maybe they would like mandatory “PAI” (political affiliation identification) before any parents can sign up their children for school, that way all children can be separated and the Republicans can be “re-educated” to “appreciate” communism, socialism, extremism, intolerance, and proper subservient behavior until they swear allegiance to un-constitutionalism and George Soros.

Should conservatives ride in the back of the bus? Maybe the Left can create sound barriers midway through the buses and planes so they can yell at conservatives through a one-way intercom system, and that way they won’t have to discuss, debate or even listen to the “twisted” opinions of anyone who disagrees with them.

Should Trump supporters not be allowed to use public roadways? Instead of the HOV lanes, those could be re-designated and reserved for ELV (extreme leftist viewpoint) passengers, and the police can require “PAI” stickers on bumpers so they can pull over and ticket (or even arrest) anyone driving in the ELV lanes that support anything to do with Trump.

Should Trump supporters even be allowed to go to sports stadiums? God forbid anyone wears a MAGA hat or t-shirt instead of supporting a sports team while drinking beer, eating junk food and screaming at the top of their lungs. How would we ever be able to tell the difference between an all out riot and just fervent fans?

Civil Rights denials affected all blacks, so Leftists and Liberals will want all of the “Deplorables” denied all of their human rights

You see, a bigot is defined as a person intolerant toward those holding different opinions. It’s not about skin color, gender or intelligence. Will Maxine Waters be the new leader of the “CCC” – the Conservative Cremation Crusade? She could wear a white hood and carry a burning flag that bears an elephant wearing a blonde toupee. James Comey can head up the new “MLPD” – Martial Law Police Division that arrests and indefinitely detains any conservatives that peacefully protest or debate their views on social media. Starbucks coffee shops could be a key sponsor and could ban all conservatives, but still let the millions of homeless Democrats and Liberal crack addicts use their bathrooms.

The entire country will be declared a “gun free zone” and all borders will be erased and wide open. Welcome to North America, land of the intolerant, where extermination of conservatives is legal and promoted (public hangings would be on pay-per-view and Netflix).

And last but not least, the history books could all be rewritten so that the “Resistance” (also known as the Rodham Libtards) would be known as the peaceful takeover that proved intolerance, gender identity loss, seething animosity, global warming, mandatory mass vaccination, and fluoridated water are all key to indoctrination for the proclamation that governs the new “SKO” – Skewed World Order. Here’s a taste of the new “norm” if they have their way.

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