Counterthink: Mike Adams lays out stunning trail of evidence proving Obama committed TREASON
06/27/2018 / By Ralph Flores / Comments
Counterthink: Mike Adams lays out stunning trail of evidence proving Obama committed TREASON

It’s time to take former president Barack Obama off the pedestal that mainstream media has put him on. He’s not – as we’ve been made to believe – a paragon of virtue and honesty. In the latest episode of CounterThink, Health Ranger Mike Adams gives an independent analysis on whether the Obama administration was guilty of fraud and treason.

Of course, this takes into account certain events that have marred his regime – like deliberately selling military information to Iran and engaging in shady behavior to destroy America; all done in the beautiful strategy of “doublespeak.”

This is, perhaps, incredibly dangerous to say. Critics of anything the Left deems to be sacred are immediately branded as bigots or racists – but this insane policy of extremism (where everything is either bad or good – and never in between) is completely against our constitutional right of informed thinking.

“Now we know that Obama is not this innocent angel, this saint, this peace-prize-winning person,” says Adams. “The same media that said that Obama was the smartest person in the world… says every lie that they can think of about President Trump.”

The FACTS clearly reveal a plan to undermine this great nation by destabilizing us economically AND by giving our enemies the information they need to become a world military superpower. The worst part is, it was done by someone who was elected to head us.

Lest we forget – Obama is beyond such scandals, right? (Related: More proof that Obama is a sleeper cell: FBI agent ordered to shut down investigation into Islamic terrorists.)

“No one – that I am aware of – has ever connected all these dots in this way like we’re going to do today here at CounterThink,” stressed Adams.

One of these “dots” is the fact that President Obama gave nearly $10 billion in frozen assets and gold to Iran to “stop” them from building nuclear weapons. This makes absolutely no sense, yet it was one of the reasons why Obama won a Nobel Peace prize; after all, nothing says harmony like selling ourselves to our enemy.

Or maybe we’re not selling ourselves at all; Obama gave us freely.

Watch Mike Adams’ full analysis of the situation at to understand the true depravity of the Left, in their blatant disregard of the TRUTH. Read for more news about Obama’s treason.

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