Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls’ sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER
06/24/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls’ sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER

With unlimited genders to choose from these days, the institutions that form the bedrock of society are being ripped to shreds, especially on the sports field. Boys pretending to be girls, and girls pretending to be boys, are making it difficult, and borderline impossible, for actual boys and girls to fairly compete against other actual boys and girls. It’s a huge mess that, if left to run its course, stands to completely unravel competitive sports as we currently know it.

Take the recent case of state records in track that were broken by two Connecticut boys pretending to be girls. These two boys competed on a girls track team as “trans girls,” and they stole the show – quite literally – forcing the top actual girls on the team to take third place and lower.

It was a celebratory moment for deranged LGBT cultists everywhere who openly praised the inclusion of these two “trans girls” on the team as representing a positive step towards “progress” and “inclusion.” But for the other real girls on the team who lost out because of them, it was a stark reminder as to the destructive nature of the LGBT virus throughout society.

Not only do these real girls face losing potential scholarship opportunities in track because they “lost” the races to fake girls, but they also face potentially having their spots on the team replaced with even more fake girls. After all, in order to remain competitive, sports teams will have no other choice but to replace all of their “inferior” real girls with “exceptional” fake girls in order to remain competitive in their respective leagues.


This is precisely what we’ve been warning about here at Natural News, and many people didn’t believe us. The current trajectory portends a future in which there are no more girls sports, period, thanks to boys pretending to be girls who are stronger and more physically adept, thanks to their increased muscle mass and higher testosterone levels.

Gender madness is rapidly eliminating all competitive, gender-specific sports

You can play-pretend to be whatever gender you want all day long, but it doesn’t change the biological reality that boys tend to perform better at sports than girls. And if boys are going to be allowed to pretend to be girls and play on girls sports teams, then the eventual outcome will be the complete elimination of all real females from female sports teams.

“The acceptance of trans athletes into women’s sports signals the death knell of women’s sports,” declared popular blogger and YouTube sensation “Joffre the Giant.” “All we have now are human sports.”

Even girls trying to be boys are a threat to real girls, as we saw with Texas women’s wrestling “star” “Mack Beggs,” a biological female who regularly receives injections of testosterone as part of her transformative journey into becoming a “man.” Under any other circumstances, Beggs would have been prohibited from “doping” like this because to do so has long been recognized as cheating. But because she’s a protected member of the privileged LGBT class, her school had no choice but to allow her to dope up as part of her “gender identity.”

If you read the story, then you already know that Beggs won the championship, which is hardly surprising. Having had previously doped up on testosterone, there was really no way that she could lose. Meanwhile, all of the other actual girls on the team who weren’t receiving testosterone injections because they accept their biologically accurate gender identities are left in the shadows.

“No born women are becoming men and then excelling in men’s sports. But the opposite is happening,” says Joffre. “So we’re just going to end up with volleyball, and no natural women playing. We’re just going to end up with basketball, sprinting, whatever, and no natural women competing.”

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