American Pravda media uses NY AG Schneiderman’s disgraceful violence against women in partisan crusade to bash… Trump
05/10/2018 / By JD Heyes / Comments
American Pravda media uses NY AG Schneiderman’s disgraceful violence against women in partisan crusade to bash… Trump

A top Democratic lawman in a densely populated Democrat-run state just got busted for beating and assaulting at least four women, but you’d never know just how serious it was based on the coverage he’s receiving from the disgustingly dishonest American Pravda media.

First, the blatant political partisanship.

The fake news ‘mainstream’ press loves to portray itself as unbiased relentless pursuers of the ‘truth,’ but in reality, the legacy media is nothing but a division of the Democratic Party (and protector of same). 

If you’ve spent any time at all listening to CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or MSNBC, you’d never know that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, whom four women accused of beating and slapping and otherwise sexually abusing them, was a card-carrying Democrat — the party that hypocritically touts the #MeToo movement though one Democratic male after another over the past year has been accused of doing similar things as Schneiderman.

You can bet if the accused were a Republican, that’s the very first thing you’d hear in every news story — his party affiliation. The second-most common thing the Pravda media would remind us about would be his race if he were white.

Capitol Hill communicator Matt Wolking noted the absence of partisanship in the Pravda media reporting in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Pretty remarkable: Washington Post, Axios, CNN, NBC News, LA Times, Politico NY — not a single one of these news outlets mentioned Eric Schneiderman’s party affiliation in their breaking news alerts,” he wrote, which included graphics of various news stories.

Actor James Woods added in his two cents, again via Twitter.

“There has been more #CNN coverage about a whore allegedly having consensual sex with a (then) businessman than an Attorney General beating women until they bleed out their ears. That is decidedly partisan, biased, and disgusting,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Grabien News reports that the Pravda media was having a major “But…but…but…Trump!” breakdown after the news about Schneiderman, who has resigned in disgrace, was reported. (Related: NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns following allegations of assaults on numerous women who claim he choked them, slapped them, and even threatened to kill them.)

And of course, leading this pathetic deflection is little-watched MSNBC, with hubby-wife duo Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski leading off.

Brzezinski opened a segment re-airing Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. After that, she intoned, “President Trump and his aides have defended that as locker room talk. 19 women have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct. He strongly denies their claims. Joe?”

She then attacked presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway after she tweeted a “Gotcha” in response to Schneiderman’s reported actions. “Given that tweet, it seems that Conway has given license to remind people that she’s been less eager to comment on another powerful man who said on tape that he kisses and grabs women without consent,” Brzezinski claimed.

Well, there is only evidence of Trump saying that — not that he actually did those things. And is Brzezinski really equating kissing and fondling attempts with beatings and choking women out?


Yes, she is.

Little Joe chimed in next. 

“Democrats immediately stepped forward and called on Eric Schneiderman to resign, and yet the party that claims it’s the party of family values, the party of Mike Pence that surrounds itself with preachers, that says that Donald Trump prays before meetings, the party that has Donald Trump going out I think in the Rose Garden talking about National Prayer Day soon after he admits to one lurid affair after another, after lying about them, this is, I guess, the party of Donald Trump and the party of Mike Pence. There is quite a contrast.

Of course they ‘immediately’ stepped in to demand he resign; he was accused of beating women and threatening to have them killed!

But here’s the difference, Joe.

Republican men aren’t being outed as violent louts using their positions of power to abuse women.

Democratic men are. 

No wonder the party is jumpy about this; it keeps happening to their male members.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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