Mystery deepens: Armed deputy stood by and ALLOWED the Florida shooting to happen, doing nothing to intervene
02/22/2018 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Mystery deepens: Armed deputy stood by and ALLOWED the Florida shooting to happen, doing nothing to intervene

It’s always fascinating to me how the “official stories” surrounding almost every mass shooting begin to unravel a few days after the event. ABC News is now reporting that an armed deputy stood by and watched as the Parkland school shooting took place, refusing to even enter the building:

[A] video shows Peterson arrived at the west side of Building 12, where most of the killing happened. He then took up a position but “never went in.” …The video shows that Peterson remained outside the building for upward of four minutes during the shooting, which lasted about six minutes, Israel said. Aside from getting “on his radio,” Peterson did “nothing” while standing outside the building, Israel said.

(“Israel” is the name of the Broward County Sheriff.)

The name of the deputy who refused to enter the building is Scot Peterson. He has been suspended without pay and reportedly meets the “requirements for retirement.” So while 17 other people died even though Scot Peterson was armed and trained to respond, Peterson is going to get full retirement benefits. Wow.

It’s pretty obvious Scot Peterson was ordered to stand down – here’s how we know

The fact that this armed deputy stood by and allowed the shooting to unfold for several minutes without even entering the building is strong evidence that he was ordered to stand down. Why? Because this deputy was previously recognized as a tactical response genius.

According to ABC News, “Peterson was named school resource officer of the year in the city of Parkland in 2014” and had been noted as “proven to be reliable in handling issues with tact and judgment.” He was also nominated by the sheriff’s office for Parkland deputy of the year in 2017, adds ABC News.

In other words, this guy is the best of the best when it comes to tactical law enforcement and working to protect students. He also worked for that school for five years, which means — crucially — that he was intimately familiar with the school layout and floor plan, as he had obviously walked it a few thousand times himself.


Does any reasonable person really believe this award-winning, “top dog” armed deputy would have stood by and done nothing while his students were being gunned down? No, somebody either ordered Peterson to stand down or threatened him to stand down.

The common thread in many false flag operations

There’s something we find in common with nearly all false flag operations: Orders that demand local law enforcement stand down. You may recall that U.S. air defenses were ordered to stand down on 9/11, or that local law enforcement was ordered to not interfere with “the drill” at Sandy Hook. In nearly every case where something nefarious and fishy was going on that ended in the bloodbath of innocent children — followed by scripted, staged calls for gun control — there was blatant interference with local law enforcement to prevent them from stopping the shooting.

(Note: Many ignorant liberals and moronic journalists don’t understand the definition of a “false flag,” mistakenly thinking it means the entire event was a fictitious hoax that never happened. That’s incorrect. A “false flag” operation is a real event that takes place, engineered by political operatives to cast blame on their selected opponents. For a list of 60 false flag events which have now been admitted by presidents, politicians and spies, see this complete list.)

Here’s my next prediction in all this, based on the patterns we’ve seen throughout history with other false flag operations:

The same forces that set all this in motion will now need to get rid of the “loose ends.” And that means Scot Peterson could be “suicided” (i.e. murdered and made to look like a suicide), along with a hand-written suicide note where he seemingly admits something like “I can’t live with the guilt of not doing something.” I hope that’s not the case, and I don’t wish for any such outcome on the part of Peterson, but I fear this is where this is likely headed. I’ve seen the same pattern over and over. This entire thing is unfolding like a grant, elaborate script… including the completely scripted, staged “town hall” event that was engineered by CNN. My advice to Peterson would be to flee your home and bug out to a safe location. (And don’t take your mobile phone with you, obviously, or they’ll track you the whole time.)

Sadly, this is the playbook of how these nefarious false flag engineers operate. They usually need a scapegoat, and the scapegoat almost never lives long enough to talk. (Lee Harvey Oswald, anyone?) Or, conversely, they are drugged into oblivion, a la the “Batman theater shooter” in Aurora, Colorado named James Holmes. That shooting, too, was obviously staged.

The deaths are real, but the official story is fake

By the way, for the record, this doesn’t mean nobody was killed at the high school. It just means the event was likely controlled, engineered or “directed” by skilled and powerful influencers who were able to prevent law enforcement from interfering with the actual shooting itself. After all, if the police actually stop the kid before he guns down a sufficient number of innocent children, CNN can’t whip everybody up into an insane fervor, can they?

Never forget: This is all about invoking emotional outrage, then directing that as a weapon against political opponents. The higher the body count, the more powerful CNN knows its weaponization of the news becomes, and that’s the real goal of CNN and other anti-American fake news outlets that routinely exploit dead and traumatized children to achieve their political schemes. As part of all this, local law enforcement is very often delayed, redirected, ordered to stand down or told, “it’s only a drill” as a tactic to delay their response and maximize the body count for political purposes.

Remember, too, that Eric Holder and Barack Obama engineered Operation Fast & Furious to put illegal guns into the hands of Mexican drug dealers in order to generate a body count of innocent Americans who were “killed by gun violence.” This operation, which has been exposed across the media, is a classic false flag operation that typifies the kind of nefarious, death-dealing schemes pursued by gun control zealots. Their goal is to cause maximize gun violence by any means necessary, then demonize the NRA and law-abiding gun owners. See, “Obama admin deliberately put firearms into the hands of drug dealers who killed more people than died in Las Vegas.”

If you’re having a hard time swallowing any of this, ask yourself this simple question: If the unfolding events were 100% authentic as the official story claims, then why did CNN have to 100% fake their own town hall event? The answer is because they don’t dare risk anyone asking a question or making a statement that contradicts the official fake story, which is rooted in the usual “lone gunman” narrative with an extra dose of hatred toward the NRA. I have no doubt that Nikolas Cruz was involved in the shooting, but I highly doubt he acted alone. False flag recruiters routinely look for disturbed, deranged individuals that they can “push over the edge” in a controlled way to achieve a particular desired act. Where do you think Cruz got the money to buy the 10 guns the media is reporting he purchased, anyway?

Furthermore, if CNN has already been caught terrorizing old ladies on their own front lawns as part of an effort to push a fake news narrative, is there anything they won’t do?

I think every honest American already knows the answer to that. CNN tried to overthrow the election. They pushed a fake Russia collusion hoax for nearly two years now. They’ve also been repeatedly caught using green screens to completely fake news broadcasts, and stagingĀ fake protests to push fake news narratives. Watch the following videos to be amazed (and note these are the videos YouTube hasn’t yet banned… you should see the ones they already banned!)


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