How the LGBT agenda pushers invented the term “cis-gendered” to try to make transgenderism appear normal
01/16/2018 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
How the LGBT agenda pushers invented the term “cis-gendered” to try to make transgenderism appear normal

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself how society got to the point where those who accept their God-given gender roles as male and female are now being pushed to the margins of mainstream culture, look no further than the infamous communist revolutionary Karl Marx. His tactical blueprints for transforming a society from free to enslaved actually necessitate the reassigning of normal human behaviors as obscure, a process that includes making up words like “cis-gender,” for instance, which are meant to normalize depraved concepts like “transgender.”

Such words are known as retronyms, and their purpose is to recreate society through social engineering. A retronym makes it seem as though something that was once considered normal is now outdated or in the minority. It’s a propagandizing tool to create artificial change in society through illusory influences – which in the case of words like “cis-gender” make it seem as though accepting one’s natural biological status is just another option on the gender buffet. Or worse: It can actually turn biological acceptance into a negative concept.

“In academic usage ‘cis-gendered’ is a strategic putdown to troll the general population who have accepted their gender roles based solely on the visual assessment of their genitals,” writes Oleg Atbashian for “This goes way beyond the traditional ‘gay agenda,’ as ‘cis-gendered’ describes not only heterosexuals, but also gays who identify as men and lesbians who identify as women.”


The cult of LGBT teaches its adherents to hate the family (and love totalitarianism)

It’s similar to how many leftists have come to demonize oil, natural gas, and other sources of energy from which mankind has been powering daily life for centuries. By inventing the retronymic term “fossil fuels” to describe what was once simply known as fuel, the globalists pushing their “alternative” energy agenda have been largely successful in convincing at least some segments of society that using such fuels is antiquated and against progress – because fossils, after all, represent “old” things, and everybody knows that real progress is achieved by going “out with the old, and in with the new.”

But the deranged “cis-gender” concept is perhaps even more nefarious than this, because it claws at the core of societal stability. Males and females fulfilling their respective gender roles, which includes having children and perpetuating life, remains the bedrock of civilization. When it’s disregarded by the LGBT mafia as just another choice on the gender spectrum – or even openly vilified as some type of cowardly conformity to social expectations and gender “programming” – then society is easily coerced into “progressing” towards the next step of deconstruction.

It’s exactly what Karl Marx envisioned for the world, and precisely what many leftists are diving headlong into as they dance to the siren’s song of “progress.” Many of these people have been programmed into believing that by constructing these pillars of “change,” that they are somehow taking on a revolutionary approach that will bring about peace, prosperity, and tolerance towards all. But what they’re actually doing is advancing a deep state agenda trying to usher in full-blown communism, the end goal of which is absolute state control over every aspect of a person’s life – the exact opposite of freedom.

“The general rule is that when new things become mainstream, the existing things have to give way and move to the margins, sometimes under new names. This is a natural order of things,” adds Atbashian.

“But here’s the kicker: what if this change can be induced artificially, with a trick of the eye, by pretending there is a vibrant new mainstream when there really isn’t? Can we retro-name and marginalize the undesirable people and things ahead of time, pending a viable alternative? Can we popularize a futuristic media illusion that there is a better progressive reality, and retro-name the existing reality into something old-fashioned and not worth saving? Yes we can!”

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