Completely DELUSIONAL: Hillary Clinton STILL blaming “the Russians” for her loss to Trump while questioning his “legitimacy”
11/23/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Completely DELUSIONAL: Hillary Clinton STILL blaming “the Russians” for her loss to Trump while questioning his “legitimacy”

Poor Hillary Clinton. She is incapable of accepting reality these days, which in and of itself is reason enough we should thank our lucky stars every day that she isn’t our president.

In a recent interview with the far-Left fake news magazine Mother Jones (because apparently no legitimate news source wants anything to do with her delusional ranting), Clinton was still bemoaning her loss to Trump a year ago, still pushing the fantasy that her victory was ‘stolen’ by Russia, and still questioning the “legitimacy” of President Donald J. Trump’s win.

“I think that there are lots of questions about its legitimacy,” Clinton said in a video posted on the site (you can watch below if you can stomach it).

She also accused the Republican Party — sans any real evidence — of ‘voter suppression’ tactics (a typical class- and race-warfare charge made by virtually every Democrat) in swing states, and the Russians of using a “disinformation campaign” against her (because Moscow has been so very accommodating with the U.S. since Trump was inaugurated — not).

Further, as reported by Fox News, she complained that “we don’t have a method for contesting” any election in the United States while calling for some ‘independent commission’ (Hint: In politics, there is no such thing) to “get to the bottom of what happened.”

Hillary — we know what happened. You’re a terrible candidate and you lost. But I digress.

She went on to repeat earlier claims she’s made that she does believe that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Moscow to win last November, but like every other Democrat and far-Left media type who has said the same thing, she didn’t produce any evidence — just the accusation.


Of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of the alleged ‘collusion,’ which again has yet to produce any evidence (after the FBI launched a probe for a year beginning in 2016 for the same purpose — without finding any evidence), she said, “As we learn more about it, we know that the web of connections between people on Trump’s team and Russian representatives just gets more and more dense.” (Related: Jeff Sessions gets GRILLED by GOP lawmaker for protecting Hillary Clinton and the DNC from any real investigation.)

Flat out, that’s a lie. In fact, Americans are learning more and more about Democratic and Clinton collusion with Russia — on the infamous Trump dossier and on the controversial Uranium One deal, in which she had a role and in which some $145 million flowed to her and her husband’s foundation as the deal progressed (and was eventually approved). In fact, one former U.S. attorney has said there is plenty of evidence to launch a criminal probe into various cases of corruption surrounding the Clintons and involving Russia (remember, a Russia bank with ties to the Kremlin once paid Bill Clinton a half-million dollars for a speech).

Again, without evidence, Clinton claimed that the Russian government ran a “very successful disinformation campaign” which, of course, led to her loss.

“I think it was one of the major contributors to the outcome,” she claimed. “Propaganda works. Advertising works. It’s a form of propaganda. So the Russians may have started out a little heavy-handed and clumsy about it, but they were clearly getting guided as to where to target a lot of their fraudulent claims and phony news.”

But this lie was only concocted by the two-time failed presidential contender after Americans refused to believe the initial lie — that Russia “hacked the election” and was able to change votes, which even former President Obama said couldn’t happen.

She then singled out the state of Wisconsin, which Trump won after decades of voting for Democrats. Trump didn’t win because Wisconsin voters wanted him, no…he won because Republicans in the state-imposed voter ID laws (which are necessary to ensure that only people who are allowed to vote can vote — not illegal aliens, for instance).

There’s more, below, but you get the idea.

Clinton has said often that she doesn’t think Trump is “fit” for office. How ‘fit for office’ is a psychopath who can’t accept reality and has to lie to herself and others in order to assuage her rejection?

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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