This “Sacred Plant” can revolutionize medicine, healing and human freedom… but doctors are criminalized for talking about it
10/24/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
This “Sacred Plant” can revolutionize medicine, healing and human freedom… but doctors are criminalized for talking about it

A new documentary series called “The Sacred Plant” is going live on November 2nd (registration opens today at this link). This documentary focuses on a “sacred plant” that holds the promise for a global revolution in medicine and health.

This one plant is encoded with chemistry that can help treat cancer, restore physical activity through inflammation reduction, and can even eliminate chronic pain in many people, making deadly opioid drugs virtually obsolete. Yet no doctor is taught anything about this plant, and no drug company promotes it because it can’t earn them billions of dollars in “sick care profits.”

Alongside dozens of other experts and survivors, I was interviewed for this documentary series due to my science expertise in the realm of food forensics and medicinal botanicals. In this interview (that you won’t want to miss), I reveal why the future of medicine will be largely based on this single plant once the monopolistic reign of the pharmaceutical cartels finally comes to an end (most likely through financial collapse of nations that drug all their citizens to death with toxic pharmaceuticals).

This documentary series will change your life. Register at this link and mark your calendar.

The future of medicine will be revealed (to those who seek real answers…)

This “Sacred Planet” is truly the future of medicine. After our present-day medical cartels collapse, and nations go bankrupt, and when people need real medicine that’s safe, effective and easily grown almost anywhere, humanity will turn to this sacred plant as a universal healing medicine.

The thing is, you don’t have to wait for the pharma drug cartels to collapse. You can access this powerful natural medicine right now… but only if you know what it is, where to get it and how it works. That’s why this documentary series is so crucial for everyone:

  • For survivalists who need botanical “first aid” medicine kits.
  • For cancer patients who need alternative treatments.
  • For people suffering from chronic pain who don’t want to become opioid addicts.
  • For aging seniors who need a natural way to reduce joint inflammation and improve cognitive function.

This one plant, by the way, is such a powerful, universal source of natural medicine that the pharmaceutical drug cartels have been trying to outlaw it for decades. If they succeed, they will deny humanity the single greatest healing plant ever discovered on our planet.

Register now to view this documentary series and learn all the secrets about this transformative plant.




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