Venezuela rapidly collapsing into another North Korea; nearly all flights halted, media controlled, citizens blocked from escaping
10/09/2017 / By Robert Jonathan / Comments
Venezuela rapidly collapsing into another North Korea; nearly all flights halted, media controlled, citizens blocked from escaping

It looks like more trouble in paradise for the socialist utopia of Venezuela.

The list of issues includes food rationing and widespread starvation, skyrocketing unemployment, rampant crime and social unrest, political corruption and suppression of opposition parties, state-controlled media, hyperinflation, and gasoline shortages despite the country having the world’s largest oil reserves. All this is the legacy of the Hugo Chavez dictatorial regime, whose policies continue under President Nicolas Maduro. The anti-American Chavez nationalized most industries, with devastating consequences.

Many Venezuelan citizens looking for an exit strategy appear to be trapped inside the country, the Sovereign Man website explained in an on-the-ground report.

Nearly every major regional and international carrier has discontinued service to/from Caracas… Overall, Venezuela is being systematically cut off from the rest of the world… Foreign governments are starting to put up barriers to prevent Venezuelans from coming to their countries… Moreover, the visas are becoming harder to acquire…

This is a simple supply/demand issue. There are hardly any airlines flying out of Venezuela, and a whole ton of people who want to get out. So the price goes through the roof… 

For a place that used to be one of the wealthiest countries in the region, Venezuela is now completely destitute.

According to an airline expert, given that most air carriers are abandoning Venezuela because of the ongoing uncertainty, the country is reaching the point where it is almost “disconnected from the rest of the world” and being removed from the international travel map,  the London Telegraph reported.


United and Delta suspended flights to Venezuela earlier this year.

In July, the U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory that warned U.S. citizens against visiting Venezuela and implemented security measures for U.S. government employees still there. In addition to the all the byproducts of economic and political anarchy, the State cautioned about the street crime epidemic, including murder, carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery.

Making matters worse, if that’s possible, Natural News reported earlier this year that Venezuela is experiencing a shortage of the materials needed to produce passports. Thousands of citizens have been waiting for months to obtain travel documents, which has given rise to black market bogus passports. The dictatorial government is also preventing dissidents and others from leaving the country.

To the surprise of no one, the limousine liberal cohort that dominates the U.S. mainstream media is downplaying the chaos in Venezuela. (Related: Read more about the situation in Venezuela at

“This means there are millions… and millions… of people trapped here. And they’re suffering immeasurably,” Sovereign Man added in its report about Venezuela’s increasing isolation.

While capitalism obviously has many flaws, particularly in connection with crony capitalism that was very much in play under the Obama administration, the Venezuelan model proves that socialism is no solution to society’s shortcomings, whether here or abroad. Many far-Left, redistributionist Democrats still don’t get it, however.

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