After hallucinating Russians everywhere, the hysterical mainstream media is now imagining Nazis behind every corner
09/24/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
After hallucinating Russians everywhere, the hysterical mainstream media is now imagining Nazis behind every corner

First, Russia hijacked our elections to help Donald J. Trump defeat Hillary because Vladimir Putin hates her.

Now, the legacy media is regularly claiming that there are Nazis everywhere in American, and that’s, of course, thanks to Trump as well.

Oh, and “Nazis” have now become the ‘new normal,’ thanks to the president.

Writing in one of media outlets most guilty of promoting these ridiculous theories and falsehoods, The New York Times, author Sasha Chapin, whose new book “The Perfect Information Game” is forthcoming, asked this burning question: “Are Many of Our Fellow Citizens ‘Nazis’?

Chapin began his piece thusly:

One morning in mid-August, Americans woke up in what felt, to some, like an altered country. The week’s most notable political event had begun with hundreds of Americans carrying torches while chanting “Sieg Heil” and “Jews will not replace us.” White supremacist radicals like these had been active and energized throughout the presidential campaign, but much of their energy had been restricted to the internet. The rally in Charlottesville was markedly different. It confronted America with an unlikely question: Was it possible the nation was seeing a burgeoning political faction of … actual Nazis? People we should actually call Nazis?

He was, of course, talking about competing rallies in Charlottesville, Va., which, to ensure accuracy, were attended by Right-wing neo-Nazis and white supremacists and Left-wing domestic terrorists under the banner of Antifa.


Chapin went on to observe: “This is one of the most remarkable results of the alt-right’s emergence in the new national dialogue. Talking seriously about Nazis is part of the new normal.”

Well, as Mark Tapson at Truth Revolt counters, if that’s true it’s because of the Left-wing media, not actual Nazis, made it so.

Tapson correctly notes that self-described ‘Nazis’ in America constitute such a statistically small group that, were it not for the media, would be insignificant to the point of non-existence. But because it has become fashionable on the Left, and especially within the Left-wing establishment media circle, to refer to Trump’s “America First” policies as the same kind of ultra-nationalism practiced and preached by Hitler, it’s no wonder millions of Americans now actually believe that “Nazis” are everywhere.

That’s precisely what the Left wants everyone to think because it serves their political goals and objectives, which is to delegitimize our duly-elected president.

As Tapson further notes, the Left uses the word “Nazi” synonymously with “conservative” and “Republican” and, especially, the phrase “Trump supporters.” They equate anyone who sides with the president on his policies of ensuring our country isn’t taken advantage of by the rest of the world as some sort of bigoted, racist “supremacist.”

And a Nazi.

Chapin writes that the word Nazi “has resurfaced in American conversation, aimed at the white supremacist arm of the so-called alt-right: It is perhaps the single most potent condemnation in our language, a word that provides instant moral clarity.”

Only, it doesn’t. Because it is being used to demonize people who really are not Nazis at all — just political opposites. (Related: CNN Now Claims EVERYONE Who Voted For Trump Is A “White Supremacist” … Insanity Takes Hold Across The Liberal Media.)

Tapson speculates that Chapin knows better but simply doesn’t care, and that’s probably right. That’s because while Chapin recognized the word Nazi is “sloppy and inexact,” and a “broad, imprecise and patronizing slur,” he nevertheless concludes that it’s politically useful because it diminishes a wide swath of the Left’s ideological opponents as nothing more than hating extremists.

This tactic is well-worn and oft-used. When a Leftist wants to shut down debate and discussion, he or she merely labels his or her political opponent as some sort of “-ist” practicing some form of “-ism.”

This is no different.

There is no “widespread” growth of “Nazism” in America. It is, and remains, an invention of the Left to impugn a president and his supporters because they have a different vision for America — one that does not include self-destruction.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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